Laser printing vs ink jet printing

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  1. Erik J

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    Good tip. The printer at work didn't have an option for paper thickness choice.

    My existing laser printed model pile needs some help, so I was looking to see what can be done to them.

    The advantage of an oven over a heat gun is control of the temperature. I'd hate to experiment on prints and then have to print them all over again after screwing them up. I can work over a print with a heat gun (will have to borrow one) or pop one in the oven at some temperature, thus my temperature question.
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  2. calinous

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    You could use a hair dryer set on hot and obstruct somewhat the air intake. This is dangerous for the life of the hair dryer though. If the paper starts to get yellow, you have enough temperature for anything worthwile.
    Also, you could manufacture a concave/cylindric mirror (or use a looking glass) and use it to solar heat the papers (as the laser ink is black, it will heat much more than the paper, so you could protect the paper)
    However, I think a oven would be the simplest bet, try first somewhat near the maximum temperature range (200 Celsius or so, let's say 400 Fahrenheit) for 5 minutes with blank pages. If they get yellow or cranky, you need a shorter time in.

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