Largest card model?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by andrew ferguson, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. I am in the process of building a 1/20 scale waterline model of a u-boat from a scaled up Fly kit. I'm building it three sections, which fit together to form the completed model (two 4 foot sections and one 3 foot for a total completed length of 11 feet).

    So far i just have the stern section done but it has been failry smooth sailing thus far. I am very inexperienced at card models, in fact this is the only the third one i have ever attempted, so there has been a lot of seat of the pants learning as i go but i've managed to make it look decent and most importantly be pretty strong.

    I anticipate this will take a long time to finish as i just plan to work on it bit by bit but it all goes well i hope to make a full hull version of a uboat one day as well in this scale.

    I'm curious if anyone else has attempted such large enlargements of paper kits and if so, can you point out any pitfalls i may face?

  2. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i see once some one that make a BF109 model in 1/8 SCALE
  3. BARX2

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    Some guys built a 1/4 or 1/2 scale F-109 (I think) out of corrugated cardboard boxes from an upscaled card model plan. I need to find that web site.
  4. chapuzas100

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    I am interested in your project. you have some photos?
  5. NYC Irish

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    Yeah Im about 95% done with Greelts Saturn V stage one, I printed each page on 13x19 inch paper which scaled the1/48 by 152% which works out to be 1/32.

    Basically means

    Were going to need a bigger launch pad!!!!!!

    It worked very well I think

    John John
  6. sorry i don't have a digital camera so i can't post any pictures. I can tell you that so far it's been easier than i thought it would be. Took some thinking before cutting is all.

    Since it is a waterline model, that greatly simplified things (which was my intention). A full hull u-boat would be much trickier to make but i think once my skills and experience improve it is very do-able. Making it strong enough and making the sections mate well together are my biggest concerns.

    Still, all good fun, what.
  7. nebeltex

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    i remember that large aircraft bar x. something like a F102 in 1/4 scale?
  8. Rick Thomson

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    Kancho's F-104, done in cardboard for a sledrace.

    'twas pretty impressive
  9. BARX2

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    That's it! Not sure where I got F-109. Here's a link:
  10. mbauer

    mbauer Cardstock Model designer

    I've built, and building right now some fairly large aircraft models. There are many ways to strengthen.

    Fuselages can be double-laminated, or formers made and then I use another tube on the inside of the formers/bulkheads. For wing spars I fanfold (3-6 folds).

    I have pictures of the various ways I've tried for strength. One big factor is the type of card stock you use. Different brands make a big difference!

    Big models are not hard or difficult, if the parts fit correctly! With old hands that are hard to get into tight spots and still grip, big models are the answer! The main thing is, you end up using lots of glue!

  11. interesting tips, thanks. I envisioned using sawn off broom handles for wing spars on a large plane i have planned for down the road. Will not only stiffen the wing but will be used to slip the wings on and off for moving it around. Alignment will be the tricky part.

    It's nice to hear about other people's big models. Very confidence building. :)

    ARMORMAN Guest

  13. Bowdenja

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    Ain't there a model of a cargo ship that's pretty big............John John was building.............if I remember correctly.
  14. ulious

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    I'm working on 1/25, 1/24 and 1/16 WWII armor upscaled to 1/6.
  15. Jim Nunn

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    The Largest Card models that I am aware of are in Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro. Both are ¼ inch to the foot (1/48 scale) models of the Titanic the other is the Lusataina They are full cut away models down to the keel and at one time the Titanic was considered to be the most accurate representation of the ship. If I remember correctly they were built by the Rev. Father Romario and he started them when he was a teenager both required several years to build. Please correct me if I have the name incorrect .

    Jim Nunn
  16. Bengt F

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    Large Card Models

    Hi all,

    Check out this immensely large 'Buran' Russian (Soviet) space shuttle, that Alfonso Xavier Moreno (at AXM Paper Space Scale Models) did and BURNED for a holiday feast:


    Pretty impressive card model, eh?
    Bengt :D
  17. Art Decko

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    Wow, that's truly a mammoth card model!

    How about a model that is *larger* than 1:1? :-0

    Any examples, besides tiny things like insects?
  18. Greelt

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  19. Bengt F

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    Saturn V Launch Pad


    That new Saturn launch pad looks just fabulous!!! Is it in 1/48th scale? Will you make it available at Jon Leslie´s site eventually?

    The future looks very bright for us space modelers . . .

    Bengt :D
  20. Greelt

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    The launch pad is not to scale (it would be very large) but the 1/48 scale Apollo / Saturn 5 i'm building fit's to it.
    When finished it will be published on Jon site (if he wil host it ofcourse :)).


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