Large scale JU88A available? Trotskiy JU88?

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  1. nfafan

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    Hello all,

    Newbie looking for a large scale JU88, and it seems paper is the only way to get one bigger than a 1/48th scale plastic kit.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best JU88A glass-nosed bomber available?

    Tried the search function, but it didn't reveal anything specific.
    But it did mention "Troskiy" - apparently he once had a simple little JU88 flyer available as a freebie download(?).

    If anyone can e-mail a link to this download or a ZIP'd copy of the Trotskiy JU88, I'd appreciate it as maybe I should try a simple paper plane before diving into any recommended JU88.

    Thanks all in advance!
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  3. Artie Bob

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    There are no less than 4 Ju 88 As available in 1/33 from the old Geli, Maly, GPM and Dr. Zarkov(sic?). The Geli is pretty dated, but fun to build as a beginner, the rest are all much better with complete cockpit interiors and additional detailing. Also available are wooden bombs, wheels, spinners and vacuform canopies (I highly recommend the last two items) The best Ju 88 cardmodel kit to date is the Halinski Ju 88 C-6 which is gorgeous and has detail to that has to be seen. However, it has so many tiny pieces, at my old age they seem nearly impossible to see and handle ( I have seen other Halinski kits scaled up to as large as 1/16-Hmmm). There were also FLY Mistel and GPM Ju 188, but I believe they are now out of print, but sometimes available from the OOP vendors on the internet.

    Best Regards,

    Artie Bob
  4. shoki2000

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    While the Halinski's Ju-88 is the best, for the beginner I would strongly recommend this one
    The greatest advantage is its electronic format. If you mess something up all you have to do is print another sheet and restart :grin:
  5. Getter1

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    Here's is the JU-88 by Fiddlers Green. It is of the Mistel unmanned bomb but it has option parts for the regular version. It is also one of the few FG planes with the option of cockpit details. And lastly it comes with a FW-190 for the Mistel options. A whole lotta kit for a good price.

    Getter 1
  6. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i have the ju88 by halinski

    realy rocommend 1

    not make it yet but wowwww

    paint jobs and parets very detling


    go for it :)
  7. nfafan

    nfafan New Member

    THANKS ALL! Question on Maly JU88

    Thank You all for the info!

    Looks like the highly-rated Halinski JU88 kit doesn't come in a glass-nosed version, at least not yet. Will have to cut my teeth on one of the other brands - and very fortunately the Maly JU88A4 is on sale, so if I go bonkers trying, I'm not out of too much money.

    One last question - would this Maly kit come in pre-printed paper/card, or is this "softcopy" that needs to be printed?

  8. Sumato

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    How big of a JU88?

    I personally have built the maly JU88 a couple of times. It is pretty accurate, even for it's date. The interior is sparse compared to others available, but can easily be updated, just like any other model. As far as size goes, I personally am not to fond of 1/33, so I always photo-enlarge my kits before building them, usually to 1/24 or even 1/16. For extra large models I use an engineering photo-copier, which is pretty cheap to operate. The only drawback is that you will have to seal (shellac, whatever) the model, and then paint it like a plastic one. I have enlarged 1/33 models all the way up to 1/8 scale using this method. The larger sizes makes the small parts easier to handle, too. I don't suggest you photo-enlarge a kit, however, until you've built at least one copy of the normal, printed size kit, so you will be familiar with the kit's inadequacies and vagaries.

    Good luck! Share your results with us!
  9. shoki2000

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    Maly Modelarz kits come in pre-printed format.
  10. nfafan

    nfafan New Member

    Thanks all for the valuable information!

    Thanks folks!
  11. nfafan

    nfafan New Member

    Thanks all for the valuable information!

    Thanks folks!

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