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    My friend has a MTH NYC 4-8-4 Niagara,also a 5 car train of heavy weight coaches.I'm sure it needs 72" radius track,will someone point me to a place to purchase track and switches that will work with this O scale equipment.:confused:
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    Hi David,
    Any hobby shop should carry O gauge track and wide radius curved track. M and G Hobbies in Delran,New Jersey is supposed to be a good place for deals and they do mail order. I have not dealt with them or visited their website, but have heard alot of good things from people who deal with them. Their website is at A word of advice, look into all the brands of track before choosing yours. I like Atlas O, the selection of track and switches is huge and their switches are the best deal on the market todayIMHO. Hope this helps you out. Steve
  3. Mike R

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    Keep in mind that 0 gauge 3-rail track is classified as diameter, rather than radius, so that 0-72 sections form a 72" diameter circle. This is to the OUTSIDE of the ties with Lionel, not the center of the track section. I don't know if that's the same with Atlas 21st Century, but it probably is.
    I would suppose the MTH locomotive and cars would run on 0-72 curves, as Lionel doesn't make larger ones. Atlas does, but is a very expensive track.
    regards / mike:)
  4. lawnchoker

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    hi david, i use atlas really like it alot bought mine from best prices i could find on atlas21 century 3 rail jeff

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