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    The super sized sr-71 and 104 do need a bit of reenforcement, but the version of the 71 that I am building now is only 4 ft long and is very strong..

    I have been dealing with too much work and got stalled but I will take some pictures this weekend.
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    I'm building the submarine from a japanese movie "Deguchi", and it turned big... about 2 feet long.
    The files are here, but be aware that they are being uploaded on a calendar basis. You can also follow this thread and in there you can find also the link to the files
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    Sr71 & F104

    The 6ft long SR71 was built to test fit the parts for the smaller version that BigTom mentions (4'). I found by printing at a large scale all of the misfit problems show up rather quickly.

    For now the 4' long SR71 will be the longest I'll market. I have a 6' Long F104 that will soon be on hte market. A few more adjustments to make.

    A freebie download of the F104 and SR71 are on this forum-Caution:Hot rodding paper airplanes is addictive
    They are smaller versions PDF that will fit 8.5"x11" 90-110# cardstock.

    The 4' model is printed on 2'x3' sheets of 125# cardstock. It will one day be marketed as a kit.

    I use Springhill Index (110#) and Springhill Tag 125# for my models.

    I haven't been doing any work on them lately due to a couple of things, one of which is an injury.

    Hope this helps on the questions of what cardstock and where to find bigger models.

    Best regards,
    Mike Bauer
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    Large Paper Aircraft for Flight

    How about a large airliner?

    One that could perhaps be driven with FOUR CO2-engines, if properly installed?
    I was thinking of Bob Bendorf´s Boeing 707, also available from Jon Leslie´s site:
    Print it (if you have the printer) on a larger size than Letter size (A3 equivalent - that´s 297 x 420 mm metric size)

    Or, if you´d like something a little slower, some of the LARGE models provided for free at Fiddlers Green (like the Piper J-3 Cub or the Colditz Escape Glider) printed on large size sheets of heavy card. Some of these models have been quite successfully electric powered - check it out on the Fiddlersgreen-Forum, in the "Build ´em to really fly"-section:
    There are new brushless micro electric motor that are very small and light in weight but delivers a lot of power. Driven by lightweight LithiumPolymer battery packs.

    As the saying goes in the new Flyboys trailer: "The sky is the limit"

    Good luck with your XLarge plane projects,
    Bengt :grin:

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