Landmaster; Damnation Alley

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by trt, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. lemonade

    lemonade New Member

    This joint you made was very ingenious. I can't stop admiring the details of it. I wanted to ask your opinion in regards to a crazy idea that I thought I could implement when I eventually build such wonderful model.

    I thought I could use a ping-pong ball to make up a kind of spheric coupling between the front and back sections so that the rear body could have 3-axis of free movement. I'd have it encased in some paper cage structure to hold it and also to limit the range of movement.

    Do you believe this could work in my case or do you have some other suggestion that I should try ?

    Appreciate any feedback :)
  2. trt

    trt Member

    In theory should work.

    Ball attached to a tube on one side, The a ring on the tube side joined to a ring on the other with at least 3 arms joining them together would work. Then join the ring to the other cab. I would get a prototype done first :thumb:

    as below

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  3. lemonade

    lemonade New Member

    Wow. You've got it exactly the way I thought. The only other thing I would add are some "arms" attached at the same side of the ball tube sctructure so as to act like bumpers and limit the movement of the cubic cage to just a few degrees of motion.

    Edit: Only now I've figured out what you're meaning by an "A" ring. It should work even better that what I planned as a Cube (square) ring cage. Errrr... sorry for the mis-used words (cube, square, rings LOL), I know that an image speaks better than words.

    Thanks for the drawing. Much appreciated ! :thumb:
  4. trt

    trt Member

    Made a complete pigs ear of trying to stick a narrower piece on latex on. Strectched in all directions, so rippled and the super glue shows through where it's too think.

    Time for plan c. Stick paperstrips to the latex. Make oversize so can trim neatly to the correct width and then stick the paper to the flanges on the cab bodies. Should be easier to 'install' and if I make another pigs ear again, no harm done. I'll post when it done.
  5. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    How is this project coming along?
    I hope that this project is not dead.
  6. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Oh me too. Even if you never offer it up, I would love to see it finished. You have made such an excellent model. It must called out to you...........TRT..Finish me.....! :)
  7. trt

    trt Member

    Greeting all :wave:.

    Still here, it's not dead just asleep (like many of me other projects) I do have every intension to complete this, even if it's just to prove the wife wrong about not finishing anything.

    Been busy doing other things. At the moment building a train, quite literally. But also building one out of plywood to promote the other train (don't worry it makes sense to me). Is there some where to post a tread of making a scale silouhette of a steam engine out of plywood?
  8. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Aah, relief...... It lives!!! :mrgreen:

    Ok, I guess the missus is a little peed off, that you used her pantyhose in an attempt to make the bellows between the two units and didn't come up with anything....... sign1sign1

    Have a look at this .....

  9. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Hi TRT,

    WOW! The Landmaster!!!!:eek:
    I've been wanting to scratchbuild one o these for a long longggggg time!
    But sadly, haven't gotten around to it, and then had a mishap with my computer and lostmost of my research for models.:cry:

    But luckly... this one survived!:mrgreen:

    Here's everything I have on the Landmaster, don't know if you have any of these fotos and images, but perhaps they can be helpful for you to finish it.:thumb:

    Hoping ya finish and release it!:twisted:

    (more fotos in next post)

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  10. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Ok, these are the rest of what I have... :thumb:

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  11. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    The referbished version dosen't seem to be the same Landamastaer as the movie version... There seems to be a few differences between both, besides the side windows.

    The intakes (just behind the side windows) on the movie one are smaller than the other one.
    The gun hole on the back part are also smalller on the movie version.
    And there is no acordion bellows on the movie one (can't for the life of me, see how the landmaster would turn with the plates in the middle.:confused:)


    I'm ansiously awaiting the finish and release of thismodel!!!:thumb::twisted::mrgreen:
  12. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    The vehicle used Bellows, and rubber stretched taut, (which looks like plates), and that actually is the only one. It has been modified over the years. The wheels were set up that way to allow for high speed over a rough terrain, the wheels would rotate positions when they got hot. This allowed for continuous high speeds. Today's new technology has done away with the need for this. :)
  13. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Ah.... oks! hehehe
  14. trt

    trt Member

    Sorry to hear about the death of Dean Jefferies on the 5th May, at the age of 80.

    Dean was the designer of the Landmaster and may other vehicles from TV and film, including the Moon Buggy from Diamond are Forever and for those of us old enough the Monkeemobile and original Black Beauty from the Green Hornet. He created the Clarence 'Chilli' Catallo's 1932 Ford three-window coupe, which appeared on the Beach Boys 4th album sleeve and the Mantaray. He also did stunt work in the movies, breaking his back jumping a trunk in the filming of Honky Tonk Freeway.
    A visionary.

    This will be the kick up the backside required to get this project finished.
  15. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    That sucks. You have over 9000 views to this thread. You are one popular guy. It would be great to finish this and make a mount, with a statement of memory and appreciation! :)
  16. trt

    trt Member

    Off we go again folks!

    Started work again on the project, my hand/brain co-ordination seem a bit rusty. Been working on front cab 'light-unit'. Have also reduced the number of vent slats (might still be too many). Slight spacing problems, but easily fixed. The light at the top worked out too small a diameter, so tonight's project (inbetween the eurovision songs) is to get that corrected.

    So far the light unit in 3 bits. To create the radiused edge on the main section I cut an oversized disc and folded the edging down. Marked on 1st picture, sorry it's dark, but shows the edge nicely. This I think works okay, I might try a slighly larger disc next time.

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  17. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Coming together nicely, trt.

    You could try damping the edges of the cap disc with water to help in moulding it into the rounded edge. Maybe you can find a correct diameter socket to act as a former. My socket wrenches have nice rounded edges. Just a thought.:mrgreen:

    I have to say, I still amaze myself at the things around the house that you can use as 'tools', jigs and whatnot to aid the build process in this hobby. In my 2001 ASO Discovery build, I have used beer glasses, glass storage jars, wine bottle stoppers, beer mats, a lava lamp, even the polystyrene ball float out of the toilet cistern!!!!:rolleyes:

    But it doesn't matter HOW you get there, it's the getting there that counts!
    If the journey is fun, that makes it all the better.

    And, trt, you are certainly getting there!!:thumb:
  18. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    I am glad to see that you have picked up this project again.
  19. trt

    trt Member

    Could't wait, must be addicted again, that didn't take long :cry:

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  20. roberty-bob

    roberty-bob New Member

    This is utterly jaw-dropping - I can't wait to see the end result (I actually joined up here just to be able to see the pics - I was searching for Landmaster stuff and came across this thread).
    How is the project coming along?
    I've read through the whole thread, and I didn't see if you found out what was written under the star on the insignia. I think it's something like "123rd" - some guy on a model site years ago made a big printout of it and I had images of his. Alas, a hard drive crash lost them for me and he had taken them down by then. Anyhow, the AFB is named the 123rd Strategic Missile Wing at the start of the movie, in Tipton, CA - it was actually filmed in Borrego Springs, CA. I know this because I was able to visit the set just before it was torn down (sadly, the film team and Landmaster had moved on by then).
    Anyways, thanks again for this project and sharing it with us!

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