Land Raider Mk1_Bile Template WIP

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  1. Fl0ydski

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    I started working on a project I've been wanting to do for at least 3 years (when I found out the template existed over at the BWC Archive) and that's the Land Raider Mk1.
    Now I know a lot of people like the new Land Raider model, but I have a special fondness for this old kit. And I thought it would be great to have one for a small Renegade Space Marine force I am building (Sons of Malice). I only wish I had bought one of the plastic kits back when I started playing 40k in 1995 with the arrival of 2nd edition. They go for exorbitant prices on eBay now.

    I've split my time between this model and working on the little details on the Macharius build in the other thread.

    The 1st thing of note is that there are no instructions for this model. Though it's fairly easy to determine what all the various items are on the 7 or so pages the pattern takes. And there are some images of the assembled model (presumably by Bile (pronouned Be - Lay) himself).
    Also there seems to be a couple of versions of this template. Another one I have actually has some faint grey lines pointing out where various parts were to go... it is marked as v1.03 and it also has guides on the main body for where to place certain parts. This is the version I used. I got these templates in one big package called Paperhammer40k. It's a fairly large collection of 40k templates (mostly gathered from the BWC Archives) with some of Pataroch's models sprinkled in.

    I printed the templates onto 110bp Georgia Pacific cardstock that is widely available in the US at stores like Walmart, OfficeDepot, Kmart, etc. I used cereal box card for most of the reinforcement laminates.

    The outer track/wheel structure (Page 1 of the templates) must be printed 2x. This is not noted anywhere...but each page makes one complete assembly. Keep in mind that whatever application you are opening the templates in they will probably need re-sized. There is a scale on the newer templates that says print 27cm x 19xcm. That is what I did.

    Here are the assemblies mid-build. Each face (outer and inner) are laminated to the cereal card using white PVA glue. I like Aleen's Fast Grab & Quick Dry glue.


    Note: I cut strips of Cereal card the same width as the assemblies and bent like a Z or zig zag shape to glued inside the hollow volumes to provide rigidity and strength the sides and prevent warping. This works really well.

    The Circles were also laminated to the Cereal card for added thickness. I cut them out with a pair of small scissors. I then glued them on to the fronts and backs of the track/wheel assemblies.


    Ugh even more fingers are actually hurting from cutting these out... I don't show all of this step, but this is Page 2 of the Templates. All of it was laminated to cereal card and sat under a 2 big/heavy books to dry while I worked on the main body.


    The main body/hull section and the storage compartment. I precut the storage area that sits atop the tank. And built the internal part as it needs to be glued inside before gluing the hull volume closed.


    Note: It is not shown but I laminated the entire center section with cereal box card. I also built a center structure that stretches the width of the entire hull to provide more rigidity through the center to each of the sides.

    Also, note that I glued the side parts more towards the front of the hull before rather than leave it at the very end of the pattern where it was "implied" as the location to be glued. I think it helped minimize any alignment and sizing issues common with cutting and scoring thicker card. BTW the center hull folded and aligned perfectly.



    Here are some of the front and rear parts to build and attach to the main body.


    This appears to be part of the Engine assembly.


    Here is a shot of the front grill piece assembled and placed on the hull. As well as the entire track side assemblies in place. I made some addition smaller rivets/bolts to place onto the exposed axels (the small circles that encompass the front back sides of the track/wheel assemblies) using a couple of small hole punches I bought at a craft store. They are hard to see on the white model but should as a nice looking additional layer of detail.


    The outer assembly's internal supports

    Here is the custom Assault Ramp design I did for the Sons of Malice. The black areas were cut out to provide a relief image of the skull.

    Here is the outer assembly attached to the almost completed Land Raider.
    Note, the outer assembly does not line up exactly with the dashed lines on the Track Wheel Hub. But it's fairly easy to get lined up correctly.


    Tracks have been completed. And I am now in the process of creating the extra details, hatches, exhaust pipes, weapons and rivets. (Figure shown for scale). I made the greebles over and around the side of the ramp they are not in the template files but are on the plastic kit. The small plastic rivets on the front port hatch are cut from an IG Sentinel Walker canopy.


    I am working on rounded caps for all the tracks to make it look more like the real plastic model.


  2. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    Updated the thread. I am nearly finished with the tracks but haven't posted the images yet. Adding all the rivets and detail bits on the outer assemblies before finishing the details on the hull.

    Note: Building this in 110lb card stock and laminated to cereal card has resulted in a very solid model! I cannot wait to finish and paint this up.
  3. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That build up is looking great! I'm not familiar with the design, it looks a LOT smaller than the Mark IV I'm used to.
  4. Beork

    Beork New Member

    Gotta love the old skool raider, wish I had my plastic model still.

    Might have to build a paper one now, but it won't fee lthe same.

    Clean build though, I understand you paint it afterwards?
  5. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    It's actually based off the original Rogue Trader/1st edition WH40k Land Raider MK1. It is taller, but physically smaller than the newer Land Raider models available now(and considerably less detailed). I'll post a side by side of the two for comparisons.

    @Beork - correct. I'll be painting this up after I finish the build. And I miss the old model too. As well as the cool Spartan upgrade... I think I am gonna make one of those too.

  6. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    Here are some photos showing the size differences (based off of Pataroch's new Land Raider template build). I say that because I know his models are actually larger than the resin/plastic counter parts.

    Also note that the neither versions have their side weapon sponsons attached. This will make the new Raider model much wider than it looks now.


  7. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Oh! Wow, that is a lot larger than I expected. They both look good, in this context, although I still like the Mk IV better. The Bile version really reminds me of the original 'Mark I' tanks, which I imagine was the point. His models are larger than the originals?
  8. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    No idea Tirick I do not have an original one to go by for measurement. It's taller than the Mk IV, but it is not as "big", it's footprint is smaller.

    I do know that Patorochs builds "seem" to be bigger than their plastic/resin kit originals whether by design or not I have no idea. But the Predator/Rhino/Whirlwind Mk1's are quite a bit larger and so is the Leman Russ.

    I love the new Land Raider as well. It fits better into the schema of things. Looks like it could actually hold troops...but I just have an affection for the old kit. I think it will make a wonderful Renegade Astartes Raider to compliment my older Citadel Marines in the pre-heresey armour styles and the 2 old Attack Bike squads I have. Which is why I decided to make them Sons of Malice. They didn't go all spikey, warp-mutated like the major Chaos followers... and they hate both the Fallen and the False Emporer's children a like. I dig that.

  9. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    Added some more details. Built the HUGE twin linked bolters for the pintel mount. The barrels are Qtips with the ends wrapped with a strip of card stock. And added a site for each gun.

    I've added some bits from some spare tank kits I had lying around. I glued some handles near the unload platform doors and a set of tanks(seen in the pictures aove). Still undecided on whether to use the oversized, but very Chaos'y Search light, and where to place it. Space is a premium up top already.

    Aside from the smoke/grenade launchers I might add either a set of Heavy Flamers or HBolters on the front facing part of the hull. I am building the twin linked lascannons now.


  10. esturonet

    esturonet New Member

    Me alegro de encontrar este proyecto , tengo un espartano en construcción (desde hace 3 años ) , para un grupo de terminaciones de mis marines espaciales ( parásitos noche) , necesito un vehículo compacto y antiguos y se mueven en un difícil y terreno inhóspito . Creo que usar el otros planes para scratch el espartano , tengo el lascanons laterales montadas , pero no sé cómo terminar la parte superior . Aquí algunas fotos .

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  11. esturonet

    esturonet New Member

    sorry, but in my firs attemps i speak in spanish.

    I’m glad to find this project, I have a spartan under construction, for a group of terminators of my space marines (night vermin); I need a compact and ancient vehicle and move in a difficult and inhospitable terrain. I believe use the other plans for scratchbuild the Spartan, I have the lascanons lateral mounted, but I don’t know how to finish the top. Here some pics.

    that's ok

    sorry again
  12. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    That's Spartan scratch build is really good. :twisted: I like the detailing. :cool:
    What did you use for the rounded treads? I am using squares of paper and curving them. Slow process.

    I'll post pics of my complete build soon. And then I will be constructing the Spartan variant. All for my Chaos Space Marines (Sons of Malice). I also have 2 of the old Vincent Black Shadow Attack bikes for them.

    Thank you for sharing.


    I understood your English perfectly. :thumb:

  13. esturonet

    esturonet New Member

    hey Floyd,

    i used a recycled wood skewer stick, of 4mm diameter (be careful, there are another of bambu with 3mm) (1), then you can cut 1,3cm portions (2), and cut half along de cilinder (3), you get 2 half cilinders ready for the treads.

    i hope you can see better in this pic:

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  14. Bubba Ho-Tep

    Bubba Ho-Tep Paper Fanatic

  15. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    I don't know why I hadn't tried that!wall1

    Thank you!

    What did you cut the skewer in two with? Xacto? some other saw?

    I've added some more details to the model (lots of rivets, and some parts from a Sentinel walker) and have now primered it. I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow.

    I'm waiting for a Chaos Tank Sprue and a Tank Accessories sprue for some Hooks, chains, and various extra greebles to add to Raider. It isn't going to be the typical Chaos. Rather a bit more codex with modifications. Possibly a few skulls, maybe a hung body(the Sons are not against Cannibalism).

    For additional armament I was considering a Heavy Flamer or Heavy Bolters protruding form the front of the Hull.


  16. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member


    That battle damage just to the left of the grenade/smoke launcher. I've got bullet holes and more nicks on the opposite side.

    More Photos coming...
  17. iBib

    iBib Neophyte

    Nice build!

    Thanks for the tip on the rounded caps! I am myself working on a Mk I Land Raider as well and will use your tip in making the tracks look more like the original model. I will return with photos as soon as I have something to share.

    (A question on form: do you guys suggest creating a new thread for my own build or is it better to keep photos of similar builds in the same thread?)
  18. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    That is a sharp looking build, most impressive.:thumb:
  19. UK Marine

    UK Marine New Member

    I'm new to this 'Paper Craft' method, but can say that I am amazed at how detailed these things can be.
  20. Gidster

    Gidster New Member

    Outstanding build!

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