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  1. Fishcarver

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    Hi All!
    I have been using "Best Test Premium White Rubber Paper Cement" for my laminations. This is a bookbinder's latex adhesive manufactured by Union Rubber of Trenton, NJ (1-800-334-8219) and distributed through most good art supply stores.

    The label states:"Adheres:paper/cardboard/tissue/foam/foamboard/styrofoam/light wood to (repeat above list) with no wrinkling/curling/shrinking" So far, it is right. Using it like a contact cement, I have been able to make 3 x laminations of 150# cardstock and work it (e.g) cut 1mm wide strips within 2 hours. Dries flat without pressing. Does not gum up blades either.

    Check it out!


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  2. lizzienewell

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    My understanding is that rubber cement is non-archival. It dries up over time and then whatever you glued falls appart.

  3. dwgannon

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    I agree, I tried it when I first started out. Two months later they started comming apart. I would stay away from this. :cry:
  4. Fishcarver

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    So much for the advice from my "good art Supply store"!

    Thanks for the heads up!
    Good thing I did not use this for any major projects. How about this stuff?

    "This all-purpose, layflat, white glue won't buckle paper. It's used by many professionals, including bookbinders, printers, libraries, and greeting and sample card makers.

    Yes Stikflat Glue is an acid-free, smooth flowing adhesive, and is permanently flexible. Low odor and easy clean-up. "


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  5. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    GB: Personally, I do not like aerosol products of any kind very much. You may call me a luddite if you wish!
  6. PaperEngTech

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    My use of the 'YES' paste adhesive thus far has been to laminate the translucent vellum papers to 65# cardstock. It is the best adhesive I have used when gluing vellum. Being a paste, for me it is most useful for laminating small parts since you have to spread the paste in a thin layer. I really like the 'YES' paste and will be using it more in the future. The dried paste is more stiff than most other adhesives. I have curved the laminations made with it but have not had a need to score and folds them yet.

    Best Regards

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