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    I made a mistake with my rudder which was red. I found a 160gm card in a stationers that was a perfect colour match, and the beauty was, the colour went right through the card so no edge colouring was required. I opened up the scan of the parts in MS Paint and removed all the colour within the black outlines. I then printed the parts onto the new red card.
    In future, If I build a downloadable model, I will purchase coloured card of the same or similar colour as the mono coloured parts and repeat the above process. This will not be as expensive as it sounds since I will not need to purchase expensive spray adhesive to laminate to card and I will not need to print in colour on my printer.

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    Hell's bells! What a clever idea.
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    Very cool idea. I have been investigating this same technique as well. I have not put it in to practice, however.
  4. OK how do you clear the color using MS paint? I can;t seem to get the hang of it
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    Hi Tim,
    It is quite easy but tedious to do.
    Scan the desired page as a bitmap file. Open it in paint and select VIEW/ZOOM/LARGE SIZE.
    In the left panel select the brush option and select the round or square style from the panel that opens up below it. At the bottom colour bar select the white colour. Now you just overpaint the pixels inside the black outline with white. I start with a white line all around the inside of the black outline and then block out the rest of the inside by dragging the cursor. Stop after every few strokes and then left click and do it again. This way, if you make a mistake, you can undo and only the last few strokes will be undone.
    If the black outline is a bit vague, you can go over it with a thicker black line.
    I hope this is clear. Just experiment with the block sizes and you can also use the diagonal lines and drag them to block out.

  6. Cut 'n' Paste

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    I've tried getting coloured card, but had the most difficult time. I have a good craft/art shop near me (in Chateauroux, France) but as in all shops like this, the card is generally either not the right colour, not the right weight, or textured. Recently I managed to get one large yellow sheet for printing out the Belaz dump truck, but that took some looking for!
    I've searched on the 'net without success, but if anyone else has found a supplier of untextured coloured card by mail order, I'd love to hear about it.

    Hang on! Just been looking at another thread here, and found a pointer to for a great supplier of all sorts of stuff - including card - at good prices.
    Thanks to Smyfe for that!


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