Lamborghini Murcielag 1:14 scale

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by 2Kamser, May 18, 2009.

  1. 2Kamser

    2Kamser New Member

    Parts 55L+R

    Now i know what to do with parts 55L+R wall1
    Had a look at some pics i found on internet, and now i know what to do.
    I will have to do the cockpit all over again, but this time i know how to assemble
    two steps forward, one step back...
  2. massm4a1

    massm4a1 New Member

    comiing along nice
  3. nammtcn

    nammtcn New Member

  4. 2Kamser

    2Kamser New Member

    thanks guys
    this one is on hold for the moment, needed to get more experience i felt as i messed up the interior (mainly the dasboard), reprinted thos parts again, and have rebuilt almost all of it
    slow progress i know, but i want it to look nice :D
  5. doctormaxart

    doctormaxart New Member

    It sure looks interesting keep going its only paper not going to fail the safety tests ;)
  6. 2Kamser

    2Kamser New Member

    i'm still at it, just don't know when i will get inspiration to continue
    got too many things in the pipline at the moment
    but it's not forgotten
  7. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    Nice... Keep going buddy :)
  8. niedance

    niedance New Member

    Hey. This model was built by one of my students in one week as his project. He was very talented in this. I missed to make pictures that time. Shit.
  9. i3pm

    i3pm New Member

    I also build this model 2 years ago. at the same scale you have now. It's a cool model. I hope others can modify it to have opening doors as well as the in the hood and trunk. An engine to would be nice as it give bulk to that empty space on the back. Keep it man, would love to see your finished model.
  10. Lamborghinis are very beautiful cars, and I love them more than Ferraris.

    This model looks very nicely shaped. And from the construction photos it doesn't look too difficult. And the scale guarantees a fairly good final size.

    Looking forward for the finished model :thumb:

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