Lake Hood floatplane airport

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by lizzienewell, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. lizzienewell

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    The largest float plane airport in the world. Or so I've been told. Took a jaunt there today along with a friend and a camera. It's springtime, but the ice is still solid, so it is probably a good time go--not as busy as summer or as cold as winter.

    Here are some of the photos. If anyone can identify the silver aircraft(N1131P), let me know what it is.

    Zathros, you might be interested in how similar 2 of these craft are to the Eska. They are about the same size and have the engine in the same place.

    Oh the beauty of Lake Hood in the early spring.

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  2. Bowdenja

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    SNOW!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! Lizzie I don't know how you can stand it...........

    Thanks for the pics......... now.......... go warm up!

    Oh............ it was 80 degrees in my home town in some fishing. Man I love this time of year.

  3. lizzienewell

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    The weather was nice, 30 degrees and sunny. (Okay, it's not as nice as 80)
    Can't say it's my favorite time of year. Things are going to get messy when the snow melts to reveal all the yucky things that have been frozen.
  4. dstill

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    Pretty sure that is a Piper Apache. Popular multi-engine time builder.

  5. rickstef

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    i would agree

  6. Willja67

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    Yup definately is and I can even tell you the year it was made 1955.

    Course I cheated you can go here to find info on any aircraft you have the tail number for.
  7. Ashrunner

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    Hey Lizzie

    It was a large port when I was there in the early 70s. Drove an Avfuel truck from Elmendorf to the lake to deliver some gas to a CAP Beaver. On the way back, stopped at the newly opened McDonalds on Northern Lights Highway (I pretty sure it was on that highway) and ordered a couple of Big Macs.

    Just happened to go there when my section commander had stopped by. Almost got busted for that trip...hehehe.

    Going there and watching the take-offs and landings was a lot of fun. Some of those pilots were nuts! When I was back there in the mid 80s, I went back to Lake Hood and couldn't believe how much it grew.

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