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    Here's links to 3 other LAJ layouts being built:
    Colin's ca 1' x 6' shelf layout in England -
    Bob C's layout in Los Alamitos CA -
    Tony's basement layout in WI -

    Here's a link to my current LAJ layout:
    Shown in the link are my plan, Switching Maps of the Leads to be modeled, aerial of the LAJ in Vernon CA & one staging tray idea to be used at Malabar Yard. Thinking about using a "pigeon hole" type storage under layout vs drawers. Got the idea to use Malabar for staging from Bob C another LAJ modeler. The layout is in a 10' x 14' room ao it ts VERY compressed! Besides ATSF, Malabar will be used for SP & UP interchange trains going to/from the LAJ yard. Should be enough switching to keep 3-4 operators busy w/o getting in each others way too much. It's being built on modules in case a move is ever needed. Comments & questions are welcome. Anyone else building an LAJ layout?
    Diesel can you add anything more here
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    For those who can't or won't go thru Google here are Dropbox Links

    Anthony Debates -

    Bob Calicchia -

    Colin Wooley -

    Andy Jackson -

    Forgot about "diesel" on this forum. He posted his latest over on Diesel Detailer Forum

    Anyone else on this forum doing the LAJ & does anyone know any other LAJ modelers?

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