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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by kf4jqd, Aug 31, 2002.

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    If you use alot of LED's or looking for one you can't find. Here is a great website to go to. I recomend that you get the catalog/data CD. It's free!! Never pass that up!!!!


  2. Livesteam45

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    Andy, thanks for the tip.... it's been a long time since you posted it, but right on time for me!
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    Thanks from me to Andy. I bookmarked this sight.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Hello all, I know you've all probably heard this from me before about Ebay. You can get roughly 100 assorted, new LED's online for about $10 . Surely they are assorted and you might not get what style youd like, But you can also file down LED's to fit your desired needs. My $0.02 .
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    nice site but they don't stock 3mm warm white :(
  6. ezdays

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    This is fine as a reference, but if you notice, they say they are a "designer, manufacturer and distributor" of these products. Unless you are going to buy them in very large quantities, like tens of thousands to millions of each part, they're not interested in selling direct. You'd be better off finding a dealer that stocks LEDs and is willing to sell in low quantities. Someone like that is more likely to sell parts from different sources and give you a much wider choice anyway.

    The same goes for any other electronic product. We manufactured systems for security and we rarely had the volume that we could buy direct from the manufacturer, even when we placed an order for 10,000 LEDs or 1,000 switches. Those kind of numbers allowed us to buy from a distributor at distributor pricing. That's also what dealers do, they buy from distributors and resell in smaller quantities. Some manufacturers won't sell direct no matter how many you want to buy.

    That having been said, we still found it nice to have the manufacturer's catalogs handy. :D
  7. N Gauger

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    This is one that I think, jon Monon told be about...


    Not too bad a selection.. but I never bought from them.
  8. Here's a good source for tiny LEDs, http://www.lcled.com/main.html The "Chip SMD LED Lighting Components" under the Surface Mount LED" link are like what is sold by Ngineering www.ngineering.com at a lower cost, though Ngineering sells them in golden white, so I use both sources. While this manufacturer sells by the thousands, a lot of the products are available in sample packs of 25 for a good price. Also check out the "Power Top SMD Led Lighting Components" link; I plan on scratch building some HO signals soon using these, I think they should work nicely. To bad they don't have multi-color versions for searchlights.


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