L 1049 connie/ dc6 cloudmaster

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    Here is a pictures of my civil collection these are the only ones I have. I built these two jobs about 25 years ago. When I was in the navy I purchased a couple kits from John Hathaway L1049 and the DC6 Cloudmaster in the early 1960s around 1963. Never built card back then perhaps some day I will give it a go on these .

    25 years later i kept that promise as my eyes got keener to scale and porportion, they didn,t look right so I got a set of builder blue prints and reviewed then against the kits . a lot of in acuratecies were there. I saved most of the paterns checked them against the plans and made corections and I started the build. these were made from cardboard card stock and wood. I turned the spinners with a lathe. alot of tissue and hot wax was applied to fill in the seams when satisfied I primed them up for the finish paint schedule.

    I went through 5 cans of primer 5 cans of high gloss clear enamel to give the silver paint a shinny surface to preserve the shine as well Here are the shots of both aircraft. I would love to thank every one who replied on my Short sunderland And thank you very mmuch Chris to make this possible.

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  2. Ron Hall

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    They are beautiful looking models Boats. It's amazing what you
    can accomplish.Keep showing us your model collection it's
    spell binding. Ron
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    Really nice builds of fantastic aircraft - More sir... please :thumb:
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    These are beautiful. I love commercial aviation aircraft in the years just after WWII. I couldn't help notice these two beauties were still in the workshop. They are worthy of a much finer display space. (As long as the wife okays the location!)

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