Kyosho Twinforce for sale or trade.

Discussion in 'Marketplace - RC and Slot Cars' started by minitrucker, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. minitrucker

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    This truck is almost brand new and has a msonic supertruck 4 esc. ?The esc is kinda like a evx but it is completly water proof. The truck now has a 4 link rear end and the rear steer locked out. It also has the front drive shaft taken out because it was run on the street a bit. I have lost the driveshaft so it doesnt come with it. It has no remote or receiver. I am looking to trade for a txt-1, clodbuster, tamiya high lift, or just make me some offers.

    Ill post pics when I find the charger for my camera.

  2. minitrucker

    minitrucker Member

  3. dj6666969

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    Hey josh.... Does the truck come with batts,motors, servo, any spares? Would u be interested in possible a trade for my chaos.. I have pics LMK.
  4. minitrucker

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    Sorry man but I read your ad and since you are having problems with the buggy already Im not really interested. I guess the only way Id trade is if you paid for shipping both packages.
  5. minitrucker

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    Im kinda looking for a electric stadium truck or buggy also.

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