kv-2,panhard and t-80

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    Have you seen all those track parts!

    Great models though

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    printing the kv as i speak looks like an ace kit my only gripe is that theres parts colored that will not be seen or will be cut out so a bit wastefull of ink
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    WOW! Great!
  5. charliec

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    The e-mail address of the designer is on the papermodels-bg site - it's worth dropping him a thank you e-mail - he seems a really nice guy.

    The KV-2 colouring isn't right - the designer says he had to find the closest match with an existing stock printing colour.

    The owner of the site publicizes new downloads on the papermodelers forum - perhaps he could do the same for the Zealot site.

    The KV-2 model could be used as the base for a number of models which aren't available - such as...

    - KV-1 with small turret
    - KV-1E wth small turret and bolted extra armour.
    - KV-8 flamethrower - KV-1 with 45mm gun
    - KV-85 (much harder) - IS turret with 85mm gun - need different roadwheels for this one.





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