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    Yesterday, during my 4th of July celebration. A ham radio operator friend of mine is also a truck driver. Told me about Kraft Food's cave railroad in Missouri. He said that trains will go into these caves to drop off their loads from cheese from production plants around the country. Of course, Wisconsin is America's dairyland. There alot of them that leaves here.

    The trains will go into the cave and drop their boxcars. They would then couple up to the old ones and bring them out. Some of the cheese is shipped by train. Most is by truck.

    Here is the reason why Kraft does this. Some cheeses are the best if they age. To supply millions of people worldwide they need alot of it. It would cost to much to keep a large warehouse at 50 degrees year round. Guess what? These caves are 50 degrees year round. Mother Nature supplies the refegiation!

    My question is. Has anyone seen these caves? Has anyone modeled them? Billy, my ham radio friend told me the next time he would be going there. He was going to take some pictures. This sounds to be very interesting to see.

    What do you think?

  2. roryglasgow

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    I remember, now, my dad telling me something about that a long time ago. I've never seen anything like that modelled, but it does sound interesting. Might be the subject for my next Net search...

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    Andy - I don't know about caves, but in the Kansas City area there is a huge complex of a worked-out salt mine that is used for storage. Apparently the temperature and humidity remain constant year-round. At any rate, mine or cave, it would make an interesting industry to model.
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    Guys, I saw an article in one of the model railroad mags a year or two ago on this operation. It was pretty interesting, and had several photos. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, not even sure which mag, you might be able to find it in Kalmbachs index. I believe it can be accessed thru
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    Sounds like a great modeling project!
    Maybe by constructing a window in the facia board, you could provide a view of the subterrainian activity.
    You could use this technique for mines, tunnels, caves, etc... It wouldn't necessarily have to be directly connected to the railroad.
    This would, of course, need some interesting lighting setups.
    Hmmm - I might have to look into this sometime.

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