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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Darwin, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Darwin

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    Does anyone have a URL to drawings (with cross-sections) of the Konigsberg class of WW II German cruisers (sisters, Koln and Karlsruhe)? Recently I acquired a copy of the Wilhelmshaven kit, and am itching to try adding the red parts.
  2. Bernhard

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    Look here: http://www.wunderwaffe.narod.ru/WeaponBook/Nem_LKr/Draw/index.htm
    On this page you'll find a number of drawings pertaining to Kriegsmarine light cruisers. The one that might be most helpful to answer your question is
    It shows cross sections for the K-class cruiser Karsruhe, a sister of Königsberg.
    Be forewarned, the server works at snail's pace. So start the download, then do something else like building a small model or sorting the laundry :roll: . Check progress occasionally and don't forget to save the pictures you like :wink: .

  3. Darwin

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    :D Thanks, Bernhard...I knew there must be a drawing somewhere in the Wonder weapons site. I've been mining that site for several months now, and am barely getting a good start. Only 4 Gigabytes there, at 400 kb/sec. This is gonna take a while.

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