Klingon Vor'cha Cruiser and Cardassian Galor and Keldon

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by panzer, May 22, 2007.

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    I just want to take the information from "Internet Finds" to "Science Fiction" for those who missed it because they first or even exclusively look into this category:

    The German "sister" of cardmodels.net, www.kartonbau.de, has some great new models for the fans of Star Trek or SciFi in general. While searching the Internet for a possible download source of the Cardassian Galor Class which Diego Cortes has shown in early 2006 as a prototype, I didn't find Diego's model (I think he never finished it) but these great ships, a Galor and a Keldon conversion kit by Marko "D-WHALE" Haertel, as member downloads:




    Th scale is 1:1700, the same as Diego Cortes' Enterprise, Miranda and Saladin which can be found at the "Parts bin" here and Martin Saenger's Stargazer. The instructions are made of build photos with a few English annotations, but because of the high detailling or for getting an idea of building the ships you should have a look at the build process thread: http://www.kartonbau.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=7898 The additional pics can be very helpful for building.

    After that, Marko was designing a 1:1700 Klingon Vor'cha Cruiser. It's even more detailled than the Cardassian ships, with many small parts that have to be glued on the surface to make it more spatial. It can be build in three different versions, the "normal" one which is known from the episodes as well as an ECM and a fighter variant which I think are from the "Star Trek Armada" game:




    The build report can be found here:

    Marko's next project could be the K-7 station from Classic "The Trouble with Tribbles" and DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations" episodes. I saw the 3D model yesterday and I must say, it looks really promising!
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    Looks good though.
  3. sdk2knbk

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    My p*****c version has a removable disruptor module, and the instructions make mention of the other two, IIRC. It also looks like tht's going to remain my only version, too. I had no trouble finding the files, but since I'm on dialup, I've never had any success downloading large files from Kartonbau. If only they were smaller, zipped, broken into pieces or had a direct link I could load into Getright. Oh, well, I've got too many others to design/build in the meantime, anyway.

    Scott K.
  4. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Wish you didn't have to be a member to download them. . .
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    I just signed up recently. But I can't find the Cardassian Keldon kit/upgrade.
    The link I found goes to an Error page.
    I did manage to find the Cardassisan Galor & Klingon Vor'cha.
  6. Stev0

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    omfg... I so busted a gut at this. :-D
  7. Gearz

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    Kartonbau has some very talented modellers and designers. Mr D-Whale IS a very good designer! The Galor and Vorcha look great..

    mmmmMMMMMmmmmm..... this post encouraged me to preserve with a googles translation feature.. There's some VERY interesting reading to be had over at Kartonbau.

    Fortunately... I've had time to cool down now............

    I'm looking forward to some pics of your builds Panzer!. Thank you for the heads-up on these models!
  8. Werner Smuts

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    Thanks for the link..... they look good!!!!!!!
  9. panzer

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    They've had some bugs while uploading the kit. Somewhere in the thread there is a working link as well. But if you click on "Downloads", the button is at the top of the start page on the right side, you'll find the model in the category "Kartonbau-Exklusiv-Modelle", the second link in te right column.

    There is also a useful program called "scale2scale" in the Software" area. It allows to resize a picture format from one scale to another by using the preset scales or typing in own values.
  10. Paragon

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    I had the same problem with the Keldon kit. I found that for some reason i logged me off when I tried to download it. I just logged back in and tried it again and it worked.
  11. Tirta

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    hi Panzer,

    very nice find, :D
    thanks a lot :D

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