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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by jawharp1992, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. jawharp1992

    jawharp1992 Member

    An idea struck me earlier today. Have like either a G scale or O scale train on your kitchen floor, or any hardwood floor. The thing is, the track would be built into the floor like a trolly track in the city streets, so the vacuum can go over it easily, and you don't trip on it! Isn't that awesome?
  2. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    yeah,but we wouldnt want to fry the cat now would we! LOL,it would be neat to see it done without ruining your trolleys!cool idea though.:thumb:--josh
  3. LoudMusic

    LoudMusic Member

    There isn't enough voltage in model trains to fry anything ;)

    Judging by the real trolleys in the town where I work the grooves between the rails and the asphalt get pretty full of clutter - pet fur and food crumbs would fill the crack of an O or G scale trolley and be difficult to clean. Though I do think it's a pretty cool idea.

    I don't know if you're old enough to have ever seen the show "Silver Spoons" but they had a ridable train through their house (mansion?). This is the best picture I could find.

    There were a few scenes where the father and son would come riding into the living room on it. But they had a butler to clean the right-of-way :)
  4. Torpedo

    Torpedo Member

    It doesn't quite work that way. If it's on the floor and it moves, as far as the cats are concerned, it's theirs. Have you ever seen a disembowled trolley? :D:D:D
  5. jawharp1992

    jawharp1992 Member

    O.K. Forget the floor idea. How about on a table/counter like thing so it is at belly height?
  6. Straycat

    Straycat Member

    How about one connected from the stove to the dining table. You could put the food on a flat car and send it to the table and send the empties back. sign1
  7. Go Big1

    Go Big1 Member

    There is a little diner close to where I live that is called "The Choo Choo Grill". It has an O scale Lionel train that runs in a circle from the kitchen, out along the big U shaped counter, and then back into the kitchen. The flatbed cars carry the burgers, hot dogs, etc.

    The kids LOVE going there to eat.
  8. jawharp1992

    jawharp1992 Member

  9. LoudMusic

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  10. jambo101

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    Have you ran this idea past the wife yet??:D
  11. jawharp1992

    jawharp1992 Member

    What wife? I'm only 15! If I was married, that might be a little wierd and freiky. The person to run that by would be my mom, and I think I am going to move out in a few years.
  12. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    I'm sure your mom would have some input into the embedded track idea, since she is the one who would be cleaning the crud out of the track and it would cost a bunch to replace the floor after you leave home. "Listen to yo' mamma, boy". I did see embedded rail at a G gauge layout in western Oregon a few years ago. It was in the sidewalk in front of a hobby shop. The track came out of the shop, crossed the sidewalk and went through a garden layout and back across the sidewalk, into the store. I imagine they had to blow the dirt out of the track occasionally. Your idea does sound intriguing; however.
  13. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I think the biggest problem with the concept is the affect that embedded track would have on the value of the house. If you tried to do it in a rented house or apartment, I would imagine the land lord could "go postal." If you do it to a house you own, you would need to remove the track and replace the flooring before you sold it.
  14. Straycat

    Straycat Member

    There is a restaurant in Lodi, California called the Golden Ox that has a lot of model trains on display and a layout, the food is good too.
  15. Go Big1

    Go Big1 Member

    Loud Music, that is the very same Choo Choo grill that I was referring too. I never saw their website - interesting history.

    I am going there tomorrow night with the wife and kids for dinner (my kids are members of the birthday club). ​

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