Kitbashed Russian Decapods.

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    * In the past I posted photos and info here on a pair of these kitbashed decapods. I back dated them to very close to as the USRA leased them to railroads during WW1. The main difference is I left the electric lighting systems on the engines for they were leased with oil headlights and marker lights. I made completely new cabs for them as the Bachmann was incorrect and much to modern. The old can I made were all weather enclosed cabs with a unique sliding roof section connecting the loco cab to the enclosed rear cab section on the tender. It is easier to just post a photo again, then go through all I changes I made.

    1 Russian decapod.jpg
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    That is a nice build on a distictive looking locomotive
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    A picture of each of the USRA leased Russian Decapods. # 1178 and #1179.


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    Nice work replicating intersting locomotives. I saw one preserved somewhere in Georgia when I was in High School, a weird looking little monster indeed!
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    Other locomotives leased to the CRRofNJ at the start of WW1 by the USRA were 10 of these 2-8-0 European style locomotives. They were Built by Baldwin for export to France to help in France's war effort. They were leased for a short period till Baldwin and Alco had there Russian Decapods ready for leasing. All were made by Baldwin. They were numbers 484, 485,486, 660,661, 662, 663, 664, 665, and 666. All 10 were returned to the USRA once the Decapods arrived. the 2-8-0's arriver from 12/191t to 2/1918. All were returned by 9/1918.
    The Rivarossi model was almost a copy of what they looked like. Just they didn't come with a feed water heater. #663 is the prototype. 665 has the wrong boiler front.

    USRA Riv 2-8-0 USA 665.jpg
    USRA Riv 2-8-0 USA 663.jpg
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    Awesome! Thanks for the Historical perspective too! :)

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