Kitbash! My first card model from 1989

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    I served in the US Army from 1987 to 1995 and built this model while stationed at Ft. Steward, GA in 1989. I read an article in a military themed magazine the speculated on the Future Soviet Tank (FST). The FST was to be “turret less”; with the crew residing in the hull for maximum protection. The article didn’t show any drawings, so I designed a 1/35-scale representation of the FST based on my own ideas at the time.

    I don’t remember what inspired me to use card stock for the major body material. I think it was necessity, due to my confined setting and lack of resources. I remember being “embarrassed” for using cheap card stock and not sheet styrene. Little did I know back then that card modeling was a hobby of its own.

    I started with a Tamiya 1/35 T-62 kit. The road wheels came from a Tamiya 1/35 M-60. Card stock was used to clad the hull of the T-62 into the shape of my FST. The turret was constructed around the gun housing of the M-60 and the barrel is a plastic drinking straw from a fast food restaurant. Miscellaneous detail parts came from my scrap box (a Panzer IV, M2 Bradley). Parts from a 1/72 ESCI M-113 provided body trim and the ammunition track for the top machine gun. The reactive armor is made from balsa wood and the smoke canister dischargers are made from paper Q-tip rods. Masking tape was used to detail the barrel and some of the body lines. This is a true multi-media model.

    I still have the model, but it was dismantled years ago in an attempt to “upgrade” the design. I did find and scan an old photograph of the tank to illustrate what was my first foray into card modeling. The red highlights in the second photo indicated the paper parts.

    I was so satisfied with my card modeling experience, that I embarked on an ambitious project to scratch build a Chinese Type 63 APC that was used by the Iraqi Army. I designed the model based on scant info from books and photos – remember there was no public internet back then. I finished the hull and started with the road wheels, but couldn’t get an accurate enough result. I scrapped the project out of frustration and abandoned any attempt to model in paper. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered card modeling was a hobby of its own. Had the internet existed back in 1989, I would have found support and inspiration in card modeling forums. I’m sure I would have continued with the card modeling medium as a substitute for plastic modeling.


  2. Vince

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    First, THANK YOU ever so much for your service to our country. Your model is a great blend of media. If not for the second pic, you'd never know when plastic stops and paper starts. And your camo paint job is superb.
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    SOvee-etts, oh yeah, I remember those guys! Nice hybrid model. I used to do the same thing with car models when i was a kid, and I felt cheap but I was happy I had the rat rod I wanted. There are some really nice all paper tank models over a, all free (tons of other models too)! These can all be enhanced to higher levels or built the way they are, but you can print them out without spending an arm and a leg. :)




  4. Rhaven Blaack

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    First and foremost, THANK YOU for your service (HOO-AH!!!).

    secondly, You did a FANTASTIC job on that tank. It looks AMAZING!!!
    Like Vince, said, by just looking at the photo, you can not tell, what is plastic, and what is paper.

    Third, I fully understand how you feel. When I first started card stock modeling, I thought (for the longest time) that I was the only one that was into this hobby. Everyone that I knew that I told that I did this sort of thing thought that I needed a check-up from the neck up, and that I must be very poor and not able to afford plastic models or regular toys.
    It was not until 2008 that I realised that I am not alone in this GREAT and WONDERFUL hobby.
    I have to say that I have been enjoying myself in this hobby ever since.
  5. Norjax

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    Thank you all for the kind words and support. I'm hoping to explore card modeling with more vigor.

    Zathros, I plan on building some of these paper-replika tanks.:yep:
  6. Zathros

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    Please, post some build pics, Jules would really appreciate it (he owns that web site). :)
  7. MilanX3

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    That is very impressive indeed! I think that new Russian tank might be one of the prototypes of the Black Eagle project, to which there is a model out of the Black Eagle with a full turret out there in paper in 1/35. I'm sure some of our more veteran modellers know of this kit if you wish to find a sister tank to your excellent model!

    As far as paper modelling as a hobby, I too did not know anyone made paper military models of such quality until about 2009 or so. At that time I also toured through central europe where the paper and card modelling hobby has been popular for a long time (its why there are so many polish, czech and german card model manufacturers!!) and noticed that not only historical austro-hungarian paper buildings, but that there are tonnes of paper models of almost every historical landmark in the region. Recalling paper models from tourist kiosks in France, I sought these on trips...then slowly made my own. I like the fact that you could make almost anything out of some paper and scraps around the house, even make a model of your own home, getting a roof pic off google earth!

    Now like our friend Nor here, I often focus on Russian military subjects, but too many great subjects were not available in kit form, and certainly not in Braille scale 1/72 as I prefer. I started out with some coloured red construction paper to make an experimental AA system the ZSU-37-2, likely to never be made as a kit. Then I used normal paper (that could be coloured or designed in any camo) to make the same ZSU. From there I made other Russian artillery that are not made in resin or plastic, 2S4 Tuylpan and 2S5 Giyasint, even a SA-11 and SA-15...hoping to contribute to the greater knowledge of these systems that are currently active in conflicts as I write this. I even made a Chinese Type 63 tank similar to a Russian PT-76. Cheers for your great model...I'd love to know about others you have made since then around the same subject as we seem to have similar tastes!!

    Really great!


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