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    BN only had 3: B32-8's. The idea: kitbash one from an Atlas B40-8, and kitbash a cab form another Atlas GE loco cab. The problem is: BN's prototype example had vertically stacked headlights, the Atlas B40 has side-by-side lights. Also the Atlas B40 has an angled roofline, BN's B32-8 has a rounded roof, that sits below the dyn. brake gear behind the cab. Also, how about that 'step' just forward of the exhaust outlet?
    Ideas? Thanks to BN Photo Archives for the pic.
    BN B32-8
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    A B32-8 in N scale:eek: Not the easiest kit-bash around

    I've been thinking of doing one in HO:p

    For more info you might want to get a hold of a couple magazines.

    The Sept/Oct 1990 issue of Diesel Era has a in-depth article on the B32-8, lots of detail photos.

    The Sept. 1990 issue of Model Railroader has a kit-bashing article for building an HO model.

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    I was afraid that was coming....
    The hard part is I have a contemporary diesel spotter's guide, and can't find it. And I don't have a library of MR mags... I was hoping it'd be easy like bash the cab, and somehow make that jog in the long hood, and the rest of the B40 shell would be OK...
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    How about using a C-30 long hood for the rear section?The hood widens in the same place.The C-30 cab looks like a good staring point for that part of the project too.

    The ATLAS B-23/30 cab would be another canidate for the cab.

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