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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by bobrien, May 10, 2002.

  1. bobrien

    bobrien Member

    Once again, probably a question asked many times..

    Because there are no ready manufactured rolling stock or coaches for New Zealand railways, I have to create everything from kits.
    My questions are, which are the recommended glue types for both cast metal and resin.
    My previous experiences in kit building have all been with different forms of resins or wood, but as models were for display purposes only (no handling) the strength of product was not as important as it obviously will be for wagons and coaches.

    And in case Shamus sees this thread - I have not forgotten the kit for the Shay, am just going to 'play around' building rolling stock etc, first. but I will get to it shortly. ;)
  2. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Bruce,
    Use Cyno (Superglue) it works best for Cast kits.
    As for the shay, I was wondering about it as I have someone else interested if you were not.

  3. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hello Bruce, I more or less gave up on super glues form the hobby shop for metal and resin kits as they were just too thin for for those non-porous materials. They worked great on wood but just didn't have any strength on other materials. One day while wandering around the local hardware store I found some "gel" type super glue...gave it a try and its great!...just like the pieces are "welded" together. The brand I use is DURO Super Glue Gel. Don't know if that is available in NZ but maybe there is an equivilent. If you can find something like that give it a try I think you will like it. It even works great on styrene plastic. I use a toothpick to apply it. Wal~Mart carries it if there is one in your part of the world.
  4. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    LOL Wal*Mart is everywhere isn't it ??? Aren't they trying to take over the world, like MS tried to but failed . . . . . . .
  5. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member

    I've found that Duco Cement is pretty easy to work with on both plastics and wood. It is also pretty good, but perhaps not perfect on metal parts. If the metal is etched slightly (vinegar is a safe "acid" to use) before cementing (as with painting) it works better. I also occasionally use Walthers Goo which is a sort of ugly brown rubber cement, but find I use it less and less.

    Wal Mart is a company I avoid as much as possible. Don't like their technique of moving in, just outside of smaller towns, and doing their best to destroy businesses in the towns. Also, I understand they have wiped out not a few vendors by getting them dependent on their large orders and then beating them down so far on price that they cannot survive.

    And I much prefer retailers who don't treat you like cattle.

    Bill S
  6. bobrien

    bobrien Member

    Thanks guys
    and no Wal Marts downunder:D even K-Mart struggles to survive..

    Shamus, I will be trying to collect a Shay kit on my journey into the city today. If successful I'll let you know
  7. bobrien

    bobrien Member

    No luck in the city on the Shay kitsets, but there are plenty of finished but unpainted units around. Prices are favourable with those I could buy from the US and I think that for this time I will probably grab a pre-built unit. I do have every intention of attacking a kit and will give you a yell when I get one (probably later in the year) as I know for certain I will need assistance in putting it together. I have before me about 8 units of kitset rolling stock plus 4 coaches and guards van to complete so who knows, I may get more proficient than I thought.
    Thanks for your help

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