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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by allhallowseve, Dec 6, 2007.

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    If you took the top dome off the saucer and made it flat, wouldn't it look like the saucer from the old 60s TV show "The Invaders". I'm showing my age. And my love of old TV shows not on DVD. They did make a plastic model in the 60s or 70s of that ship but I've never seen a paper model.

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    Hi Clif heres a site that shows all the Invader saucer models including a paper one although its sadly not for download History of The Invaders UFO Model maybe you could do a bit of surgery on the other model
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    It looks like the Adamski Chicken feeder "UFO"
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    Adamski UFO - Google Image Search
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    Thanks for the KP link. My niece's next build, printing now. I keep telling her to finish her last model though. So I don't know when she will start her.


    The flying saucer is to cool. Very slow download, worth it. One of the Polish publishers has the Invaders disc in print.

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