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    A sneak peak at the next project. I thought about enlargeing the Marek series of Ki-64 Hein Tony, from 1/50 to 1/33, but a more knowledgable source cautioned me that the nose section was not quite right, passable in 1/50 but not 1/33. I have a few "oldies" a leftover from the Modelik P40/Tony, a very old but neat Maly version, and the Halinski version. I'm biteing the bullet and doing the Halinski. I say this because this is the most detailed kit I'll attempt to finish to date. So far everything looks good finished a few nose sections, and am calling it a night....

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    Dude! sweet little tubes ya got going there - that alone is enough to wow me for the thread :)
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    Ted.......... Do I see a common theme............. have you been hypnotized by Michael Kroll?:grin:

    Just kidding I have an affection for these birds too!

    And I too agree those MG look sweet!


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