Khan´s S.S. Botany Bay in 1/1700

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    Hi folks!
    I want to share the following pictures with everyone! For a contest at i made this space ship, known from Star Trek TOS: "Space Seed"
    It is a combination of two kits!
    The first kit is from Ulrich Prahn:

    Original Scale of this kit was 1/600, but i needed only the nose of the model (the single white part)! it was easier to built than the nose from the 2nd kit!
    the kit is reduceed to 35%!

    The rest of the model is from the second kit from Robert Merkstallinger (aka "Falwin"):

    the kit was original in scale 1/250 and i reduceed it to 14% of the original size!

    After the built I layered also some extra details and then i painted it with a brush to show the highlights!

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  2. D-WHALE

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    final pictures of the model after painting!

    The model has a size of 6.8 centimeters

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  3. D-WHALE

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    and some size comparisons with other models in the same scale (including a "sneak peak" :twisted: )

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  4. Greenman

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    Awesome! Excellent job. I really like those scale comparisons.:thumb:
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    Excellent work!:thumb:

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