KFL 1/300 ironclad Huascar

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Corporal_Trim, May 30, 2008.

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    Here's a kit I bought recently from Paper Model Store. Simple - one parts sheet. Cheap -$2.99. I had in mind a simple tune-up as I ease myself back into the card modeling scene.

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    There's one review posted at Moduni. One star out of five. "Sehr dürftige Konstruktion. Im Vergleich zur HUASCAR von D. Hathaway eine Karikatur." (Very poor construction. In the comparison to the HUASCAR of D. Hathaway a caricature).

    A little harsh but there were some issues with poor fit here and there. For that reason, I might not recommend this kit to a beginner despite the simplicity. That and the fact it's not always clear from the 2D instructions and very cryptic Polish exactly how certain assemblies are to be done.

    I chose to build the ship without the foremast, as per the Hathaway model and many illustrations. Evidently the ship has undergone a number of rebuilds over the years.

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  3. Not a bad looking model for $2.99. There's quite a bit of detail for a small model - 9" or so in length I'm guessing.You did a nice, neat job. I'm sure that in the currency of "enjoyment per dollar" it was a real bargain. Are the masts rolled paper? If so, even more impressive.
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    Thanks, Don ! :)

    The mast poles are a combination of wood and brass wire. The masts with the kit are essentially templates with no usable parts except for the platform.

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