Keystone Shay NWSL upgrade

Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by camelot, Dec 28, 2003.

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    Welcome to the-gauge, Steve. Check out and they do ship across the pond and across the equator ;)
  2. camelot

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    Hi Steve , i do not order from any particular hobby shop , only what shops have the products i want and the price i am comfortable with.

    I have used the shop Jon mentioned once when i ordered a Rivarossi 2 truck Hesiler from them . if they still have it the price is fantastic at arround $90 US , after shipping i got it here for about $160 AU.The Rivarossi Hesiler is the only model HO Hesiler available , make sure you get the new upgraded version (which is the one on Trainworld) , it is has a little noise with it when running , but it is a nicely detailed loco all wheel pickup and is DCC ready.

    The other RTR logging models are made by Bachman , the 3 truck shay is a fantastic model , very highly detailed , DCC ready , and a great runner (note that it runs through the sides gearing and it protypically slow).I think you may be able to get that from Trainworld as well.Bachman have just also brought out a 2 truck climax which is very good as well , although that will be harder to find and more expensive as it is a new realease.I bought mine from Peech Creak Hobby Shop.

    MDC have a range of RTR and kit based 2 and 3 Truck shays.I am not sure what the RTR shays are like , but the kits are a challenge to build and do not always end up being good runners.There is a book by Jeff Johnson ( i think) that is invaluable at making the shay good runners but in the end you willl have to play arround with it and use replacement parts to get it near the quality running of the Bachman Shay.That being said , it is the only way to get a 2 truck HO Class B shay at the moment .

    Stay away from the MDC climax , it is probably the noisiest loco arround IMHO.

    I have also bought a lot of my stuff on ebay from america with no problems , i always pay extra for insurance which includes the ability of tracking a package.

    The Keystone shay is a static model using a NWSL motor kit and was probably the hardest project i have done to date.

    The water tower you mentioned is a white metal kit by woodland scenics.

    If you have any more specifif questions i would be happy to help . just post away


    Ian :)
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    nice work, ian!!

    hey steve, welcome to the gauge :)
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    Hello Steve and welcome to The Gauge. And welcome back to the hobby. A lot has changed in 30 years! I am not familiar with overseas shipping as I am located in the U.S.

    I'll second the recommendation on the Bachmann locos for now--great way to get familiar again with what the current standards for looks and performance are. Their Spectrum line is excellent--not like the Bachmann of decades past at all. After you re-familiarize yourself, you'll have a better feel for exactly what you want. You might check this link out:

    It's the NMRA Worldwide Directory of Model RR Sites. I use it to get info on products and dealers (see navigation sidebar at left of page). The product search engine on Walthers website is excellent as well -- see

    There is also a thread on The Gauge in the forum called "The Logging Line" titled "Where do you get your logging stuff?" that you might find very useful at this point. Those same manufacturers handle detail parts and often mining stuff as well. The locos certainly are similar.

    One thing to be very aware of as a "re-entry" modeler is the need for plastic-compatible lubricants for your locos. LaBelle is the mfgr. most of us use there. I would hate to see your return to the hobby marred by use of the wrong oil destroying part of your first new loco! Especially true at what you tell us prices are like in Australia!
    All the best,

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