Kettle Valley fire.

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    I know this isn't N scale, but I thought I'd post it here too, I just read that the trestle bridges on the old Kettle Valley Railroad have been destroyed from the forest fire, I thought I'd post some pictures of my ride on them, we may have been the last ones to get pictures of them.

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  2. SD90

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    Here is another picture. There were 18 trestle bridges and 2 tunnels in 12km. Some of the best scenery I've ever seen!

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    And another...

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    Here is the last one I'll post.

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  5. SD90

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    Sorry, I guess this will be the last one. It is bridge #4.

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    Nice pictures. These are the first pictures I have ever seen of the new idea of converting old road beds to hiking/jogging trails. Looks nice. Do you know if any work was done to the trestles to get them ready for people (other than the obvious railings.)?

    Where is this fire? Is it out now? The only fires I had heard about were in New Mexico. Of course, I fly in and out of LAX all the time and I see the fires on the hillsides. The only place I hear about them is in LAX.

    Thanks for the pictures.
  7. SD90

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    I think all they did to make them ready for biking trails was the railings and the wood down the middle of the bridge. It was kinda hard ridding on the ties! I went off the wood in the middle once! The fire is in Southern British Columbia, Canada,and it's still burning, as far as I know. It sounds like all of these bridges will be destroyed by the time it's all over. It's a real shame, I wish more people could have seen it.
  8. Matthyro

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    Great picture Mike. The trail system is to go right across Canada and this is a very important part of the program. I heard from my son who lives in Mission BC that there is a plan to rebuild these trestles in the future
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    I love those trestle bridges. I'm sure it is highly unlikely that they will rebuild just to use as a hiking trail. A real pity.....

  10. SD90

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    I just read that 12 of the bridges are now gone.
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    Great Ride


    Those pictures are great! I would have loved to take my mountain bike out there and ride. (not to hilly as far as mountain biking goes, but the scenery!)

    Here in St. Louis there is a state park trail called Katy Trail that is an old rail right of way that has been turned into a bike path. It goes from St. Charles, MO to I believe at least Hermann (great wines) MO.

    But those trestles and tunnels!!! wow.
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    From what I have heard is that the KVR bridges 10 of 12 of wooden ones in the area are gone and 2 metal ones also. I will have to ask my parents but I do know of some of the line that is further away from the affected area is still involved with the KVR and has been turned into the Trans Canada Trail. My uncle owns property out in the heartland, and I know we took a picture behind 1 of the small little tressels and it look really neat, we walked over it and such. From my uncles place you could see the former mainline area, and such, and walk on the area. The first time i was there back in 95 is was all Ballast and you could see the old telephone wires/poles, and also some of the ties. But when they made the Trans Canada Trail, CPR donated that land and it became the trail save lots of the Canadian History. Just sad so see some of it disappear from Forest Fires.

  13. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the Gauge Ian. Thanks for the info.
  14. SD90

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    From what I heard, they might be rebuilding the bridges! Maybe everyone can still get to ride that trail in the future! It is some of the best scenery I've ever seen.

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