Keep em or sell em?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by electric130, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. electric130

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    I was back home for business and dug out my old trains from my mom's house. I had forgoten how much N scale stuff I had. My dilema is that I'm mainly into O and G scale now and need a lot more money for G track (costs about $5 per foot). So I'm trying to decide if I should sell my N scale stuff or keep it. If it's not worth much money, I'll just keep it all and maybe do an N scale layout someday. Here's approx. what I have:
    ~25 box cars and reefers
    ~20 passenger cars (most are about 12" long)
    ~10 coal hoppers
    ~4 tankers
    ~6 desiel engines
    ~2 steam engines (a 2-10-0 and a 0-8-0)
    I don't know if any of the locos even work anymore. alot of the other cars need repair on the trucks or couplers. I'd hate to sell all of it for a small amount and wind up buying them again later if I change my mind. Most of the cars need some cleaning up, but some of them the dirt looks like good weathering! sign1

    so what do you guys think?
  2. railohio

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    If they're more than fifteen years old they probably won't have much value on the used market if that helps your decision any. N scale models have come a long way in the last decade-and-some.
  3. electric130

    electric130 Member

    yeah, they're probably closer to 20 years old.
  4. Boilerman

    Boilerman Member

    I would keep them if I were you!
  5. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    That sounds like the size of an HO passenger car.
    The 2-10-0, at least, has to be old. The only plastic Decapod in N that I know of is the Minitrix PRR I1: Minitrix 2-10-0 Decapod Wow. I just realized how misproportioned that is. An I1 is handsome. This isn't. In fact, it couldn't even run if it were real - as noted, the steam pipes don't connect to the cylinders!

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