Kato's handrails and walkway.

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SD90, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. SD90

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    I just painted the handrails and walkway on all of my Kato SD40-2's, and SD40's, and I can't believe the difference it makes! They come from Kato painted red, and CP's are actually red and black, (I just painted it all black, most of the time, you can't see the red anyway!) I still have to paint the rest of the locomotive, but this is a start!

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  2. rcwatkins

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    And an EXCELLENT start at that. :)
  3. TiVoPrince

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    Kato handrails

    I aviod that sort of problem by ordering the most correct handail colour set from Kato. At $5.00US and no paint flake worries it is a bargain in my book...
  4. SD70BNSF

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    That Does Look Nice

    I went back through your layout photos and found an example with the red handrails. The new handrails/walkway does look nice. Good job. I couldn't see the walkway in the previous photos, but the black "looks right"
  5. SD90

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    Here is a picture of 12 of my SD40-2's taken apart, ready for painting.

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  6. SD90

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    Here is the only picture I could find of the red handrails and walkways, it's not a very close shot, but you can still see the difference.

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  7. davidmbedard

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    Looks great Mike. ummmmmm...please remember to remove that window glazing.

    Painting the walkways black makes a HUGE difference. One wonders why Kato doesnt just have that piece in black plastic rather than that wanna be action red? Thats why God created airbrushes! Nice air brush ya go there. It looks like a Pache, am I right?

  8. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    Yes that's a Pache double action airbrush, thanks David, it works really good! I can't wait to start painting the locomotives!

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