Kato SD40-2 MId Production dcc ditch light.. need help!

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by NSSD80MAC, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. NSSD80MAC

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    I just purchased a new KATO sd40-2 mid production. This is a great model and I love the fact it has ditchlights, however manual is very unsatisfactory! I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get the light decoder to work with the motor decoder.

    I've followed the instruction provided by NCE on the D14SR and programed F2 to function output of 3 and 4 for ditch light operations. But in the process of programming I realized that the motor decoder is getting this packet, but the kato light decoder isn't set for the proper function to jive with the motor decoder.

    Kato gets a F for explaining this! any one have experience in getting the ditch lights to work in dcc mode? what must I program for this to work? ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

    Dan T.
  2. Bagal

    Bagal New Member

    I just plugged a Digitrax DH123PS in. Ditchlights change from flashing to non-flashing on F1.
  3. woodone

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    Try the NCE web site

    There is a lot of information on the NCE web site. Find the decoder and then open the manual. Lots of information on the lighting and how to make them work. You can find them at www.ncedcc.com
  4. Bagal

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    The HO Kato SD40-2 Mid Production comes standard with a DCC decoder that controls the lighting. To add DCC motor function you just need a basic motor decoder. As above I just fitted a Digitrax DH123PS. A NCE D13SRP might also work. Lights go on/off as normal on function 0 while the ditchlights go flashing/not flashing with function 1. Did you try function 1 on the D14SR? The Kato instructions actually do state this on the top of page 2.

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