kato Bridges.

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Andrew Wallice Matheson, Dec 24, 2000.

  1. Hi Again, Dec 24th, 2000, l9:35 Hrs.

    I have some of the Kato Bridges, etc.
    I need to Know if I can Order the Various
    Lengths Abutmants from Kato if I Give them
    the Lenghts I need. Do thay take a Credit
    Also Since Kato Track is Compatable to
    Atlas Roco Track, How good R My Chances of being able to have a Realistic Look within Reasons to have these Bridges Compatable with Other Abutmants where Needed etc?
    Can B reached at - trainorders@hotmail.com
    Thanks Everyone,

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  2. Alan Richards

    Alan Richards New Member

    Andrew, I have not found a place that will allow you to order different size abutments. My dealer says they come in complete sets, it's just one of those "KATO" type deals. All or nothing [​IMG] But maybe if you talk to them directly, you might be able to take them into it.

    Yes, KATO does take credit cards, having had to order a complete set of trucks because of a minor accident on my layout. Dropping cars on the floor isn't good for them.

    As far as being compatible with Roco Track, I wouldn't have any idea. I switched completely over to KATO last year and there are something that I wish they would improve but have decided that I would work within the limitations, and so far on my layout, I've been completely satisfied, except for the stinking D-40's that will have to have al the couplers replaced.
  3. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Andrew, do you mean abutments that support the ends of the bridge? Or do you mean piers, that support elevated track?
  4. These Are the Abutments that Support the Bridges. I would like the Blend in something
    at Each End with what ever I use.etc. Get back to me and We can take this Further, OK.

    Thanks Now.


  5. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Andrew, would you be up for scratch building some abutments? One of my favorite materials for N scale abutments are brick walls from HO structure kits. Painted & weathered, they look about right for a cut-stone wall in N scale. I've also used posterboard, & foam core board to simulate concrete abutments, wing walls, & retaining walls. I've cast some in plaster too. These turned out nice, but I'm not sure it was worth all the time & mess. Everything I'm talking about here can easily be blended in with your surrounding scenery, & you can make them any size or shape you need. Let me know if you think any of this is feasible.

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