Kaslo & Slocan Railway

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by wabana kid, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. wabana kid

    wabana kid New Member

    Hi friends
    would any of you fine modellers by chance be modelling the K & S Railway, BC CANADA. I am just building the Sandon station and I am trying to find out what colour this station would have been painted in the 1890's I have the Skyline Limited book, but it doesn't give that info. thanks
  2. Dunrobin

    Dunrobin New Member

    Kaslo and Slocan RR

    The railway station would have been a redish brown. I too am modelling the K&S.
  3. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    So tell us a little about this K&S RR..................ive read about a few of the old canadian Narrow gauge roads, mostly on Vancouver island.

    I'm interested in many differant roads from a historical standpoint.
    history is kind of a secondary hobby with me. I find it fascinating :)
  4. Dunrobin

    Dunrobin New Member

    K&s Rr

    The Kaslo and Slocan RR was operated on 3 foot track at 45 lbs a yard. It had stub switches. It had Three locomotives, two 2-6-0's and a 2-8-0 inside frame. One snow plow purchased from the rio grande southern. But that is all in the book. The mountanous terrain it was in is georgeous and I recommend anyone modelling the railway go visit the area. What particulars would you like to know?

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