Kartonowy Fan Magazines Now available

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by lighthouse, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Dustin, if you seet this, the issue with the Airacobra on the cover is the one containing the extra interior stuff (engine and gun bay).

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    Yep! Thanks for pointing that out Leif, and thank you Ralf for suppling the magazines to North America! I'll order one very soon.

    If anyone is curious as to what i've been up to for the past sever weeks, I've been on a sort of at home vacation.

    I hosted a student from Belfast Ireland for 2 weeks. You guys can check it out www.childrenforpeaceinireland.com
    So that's were I've been.

    I've got almost 400 new posts that I still need to skim through now that I have time for models again. :D
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    I have seen references to paper card magazines, but have always been in the dark in regards to them, as a lot of sites are also not in English.

    Is this somethng that you can subscribe to?

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    I guess these are in Polish?
    Do they have models to make in each issue or are they just review/previews and tips?

  6. Leif Oh

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    The one I got once (and lost again, sorry to say) was reviews plus add ons, like the interior parts for the Airacobra.

    There might have been installments of models (cute trick to make you buy more magazines), but I can't remember for sure.

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    Could anyone who knows give me a list of any issue they know of that contains aircraft add-ons? I'm already aware of the add-ons for Halinski's P-39 and F-16 kits. I'm just wondering if there are others so that I can get them all at once. I appreciate any help.
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    From the cover of an Answer T-50 model kit:

    Katonowy Fan contents:

    (This should give our Polish speakers a laugh)

    1/2000 - Kubelwagen 1:25
    2-3/2000 - Upgrade for F-16 1:33
    (the Polish text is "elementy uzupelniajiace")
    1/2001 - ORP Garland 1:400
    2/2001 - Fokker E.V 1:48
    3/2001 - (Wagon?) 401Z - 1:87
    4/2001 - 4 models (holownikow?) - 1:100 & 1:200
    5/2001 - T-60 tank 1:25
    6/2001 - 2 locomotives SM 03 and something that looks like "platform wagon"- 1:87
    7/2001 - 2 trucks(?) and 2 Jelcz buses - 1:87
    8/2001 - Sd Kfz 265 (half-track)
    9/2001 - locomotive EP 09 1:87
    10/2001 - (wagon?) 208K
    upgrade for ZIS-5 model 1:25
    11-12/2001 - Fokker E.V 1:50
    13/2001 - PZL P-11c 1:48
    1-2/2002 - Containers 1:200 & 1:87
    3/2002 - PZL P-11c repaint 1:48
    4-5/2002 - PZL P-11c another repaint 1:48
    6/2002 - Upgrade for Catalina model 1:33
    7/2002 - Upgrade for Me109F, Spitfire IX 1:48/1:50
    8/2002 - Upgrade for Corsair 1:33/1:50
    9/2002 - Upgrade for P-47 1:24/1:33
    10-11/2002 - ditto
    12/2002 - Upgrade for Ju-87 1:33
    1/2003 (special)
    monitor Pinsk 1:200
    acessories for P-39 1:33
    (ciezarowka?) Jelcz 1:87
    SiG-33 150mm field gun

    I take no responsibility if my interpretation of the Polish text is totally
    wrong or misleading.


  9. bfam4t6

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    Thank you very much Charlie. That is exactly what I needed.

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