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    A hopper in the kaolin service.


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    Nice work Paul, could you please give us more details about how you did that weathering job ?

    ( a Belgian living in Canada )
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    Hi Jacques,
    Nice to hear another Belgian on this forum.
    OK here we go.
    I work with acrylic artist paints
    First I use an equal mixture of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue and a lot of water.
    Paint the body and trucks with that mixture, it will give an aged look.
    When dry use pure Burnt Sienna and a little water and a small brush to paint the places where in real life rust starts to come trough the paint.
    When dry pure Burnt Sienna and a lot of water to paint streaks underneath the rusty places you painted in previous step, be sure to follow gravity.
    Let dry and then use white chalk with a dry brush where spill of the load can be, round the hatches and from the hatches to the side of the car, same thing follow gravity.
    When you are happy with the result, fix the chalk with hairspray, and your done.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Biased turkey

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    Thanks Paul for taking some of your valuable time to reply and share your techniques.
    I mostly use acrylic paint too for the washes ( or some very diluted China ink ) and dry brushing. I use oil paints for the rust.
    I tried the chalk ( or pastels ) too but was never able to have the pastels fixed because as soon as I want to fix the pastels using Testors DullCote ( spray can ) it blows the chalk away.

    Have one Belgian beer ( Duvel or Orval ) for me.

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    HI Jacques, it's sunday I'll take both (start with the Orval and later the Duvel).

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    I like people with positive thinking :)


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