Kancho's ME 410A-1 Hornisse build

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Clashster, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. shrike

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    One of the distinctive (and hard to model) features of the 410 is the canopy. The sides have very pronounced blown bulges, so too large may actually be just right.
  2. eric_son

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    The bulgy part of the canopy gave the rear gunner more room to look around...I think.

    Anyway, the problem I encountered was not the bulgy part...but rather the over all size of the canopy. (But I think I am mostly to blame for this.)

    The edges of the canopy were not flush with the edges of the cockpit:

    Front view
    (         )
     |       |  <- canopy edge
      |     | <- cockpit edge
      |     |
      |     |
  3. charliec

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    Apparently so - the Me410 used a pair of remote controlled guns for rear protection the bulges were added to give some downward view for the gunner.
    This was one of the modifications made to the Me210 when it was transformed into the Me410.


  4. Clashster

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    Here are some more pics of the build.... Finished up the tail section.

    Here are some of the pieces:

    View attachment 5325

    I had a bit of trouble with the fareing around the tail section - the section that was cut out needed to be enlarged, but I cut from the back when it seems that from the front was the way to go (unless the piece was a wee bit small). Test fits:

    View attachment 5326

    View attachment 5327

    Not being a air guy, I am learning alot for those printed kits I have piled up!:grin:

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  5. Clashster

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    Here's the finished product! Little embaressed about the bottom portion of the fareing, so note the angle of the pictures! :oops:

    View attachment 5328

    View attachment 5331

    Note that the plane is listing to one side because I did not prop it up on anything - it's just sitting on my cutting mat.

    View attachment 5332

    View attachment 5333

    I am really getting the itch to start something else, but I am really fighting that feeling!:wink:

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  6. eric_son

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    Looking good!
    I can't wait to see the finished product.

    By the way, are you going to make the engine part as well?
  7. cmdrted

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    Clashter, fight the itch to start something else, you have done a great job, It would be a shame to start something else! You are your worse critic, sitting back from here, the plane looks great! And we can't stand a cliffhanger! Push on sir!
  8. Bluenoser

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    Ya, you got to finish this one. I'm dying to see what this one looks like when completed. I've been eyeing this model for my collection. So far I think it is looking good.
  9. Bowdenja

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    yeah man.............. you can do it............. you can do it...........:grin:

    It's looking really good, this is a tough subject!

  10. Clashster

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    Yes, I plan on doing the engine compartment. One engine is built, the other is almost done. Now time to tackle those engine cowlings and wings! Just like Dubya, I will stay the course! :twisted:
  11. Clashster

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    Started the wings and engine housing today... Just did some test fits on the left wing

    View attachment 5405

    View attachment 5406

    Have not started glueing this yet. I want to finish one of the engine housings first to see how it all fits together. One thing about this model is the optional parts construction are not covered very well - I have been going to Kancho's site and viewing his gallery of this one to see how it fits together. A question for anyone who may have this model - I am figuring out how to build the landing gear (parts G1a - G6a). I know how to do parts G1a through G5a, but I have no idea what part G6a is. :confused:

    View attachment 5407

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  12. Clashster

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  13. Clashster

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    Here is my solution - fit in a small piece of card stock:

    View attachment 5414

    Also, painted it with something that came close to the color. I decided to add some black lines to make it consistant with the rest of the model...

    View attachment 5415

    Since this is on the bottom of the model, I don't think it will be noticed very much! :grin:

    That's it for now! (Stephen Colbert "Shread Down" is on!)

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  14. cmdrted

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    Good fix! This is modeling experience gained. You learn more from this type of thing then if it fit perfectly every time. Of course a little perfection now and again is a very good thing! Good show!
  15. eric_son

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    Part G6A:

    Here's where I placed the part. But I'm not 100% sure about this. :oops:
    I estimated this from some illustrations I got from my book of axis aircraft.
  16. cmdrted

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    Heres a small pic possibly showing the part.

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    Thanks! That looks better than anything I could come up with!
  18. cgutzmer

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    that is an excellent repair - the black line really saved it! super build over all. How detailed are the engines?
  19. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    The engines are not very detailed - I am working on the right engine (the left I built very early on, but did not come out as well as the right has). I will post some pics. I think I will make the right side with open engine compartment, and the left closed.
  20. Clashster

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