Kampfflieger's annual report (May 2004/May 2005)

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  1. kampfflieger

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    This is result of first year of work.

    Annual report (May 2004/May 2005)

    Miles M.20 – free
    Avro Rota – free
    Seversky BT-8 – free
    General Aircraft GAL.42 – free
    Caudron C.690M Rafale
    Grushin Sh-Tandem

    Avro Rota
    RAF S.E.5A
    Curtiss CW-21B (two liveries)
    Irbitis VEF-16 (three liveries)
    Nakajima Ki-84 (two liveries)
    Berlin B9
    Nakajima Ki-15 (two liveries)
    Savoya-Marchetti SM79 “Sparviero†(three liveries)
    Sack AS-6
    Morko Morane
    Blom und Voss BV-213
    Junkers Ju-187
    Zeppelin Rammer– free
    Messercshmitt “Libelleâ€
    Bell XP-77
    Arado E-381-II– free
    Payen Pa.22 (two liveries)
    Nakajima Kikka
    Messercshmitt Me-334 – coming soon
    Blackburn Triplane – coming soon

    Yakovlev UT-1
    Yakovlev Yak-18T
  2. dimas Karabas

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    Congratulations Mr. kampfflieger! Very proud of you!
  3. kampfflieger

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  4. gera

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    Excellent kits...............Congratulations, I have built the Morane and SM-79 and they are great models, very nice kits to build. :D :D
  5. wunwinglow

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    Good grief!! That's more models than I have ever built, EVER! Paper ones, anyway. (hangs head in shame....)

    Tim P

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