Kampfflieger Tetrarch

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by johnflys2, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. johnflys2

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    Because of space limitations I built this virtual model and will store all future models on a thumb drive. So that means I can actually carry my tanks around in my pocket. I no longer have to purchase all the items needed to build paper models, only the kit. When I travel I have all the items needed to build in my laptop. The colors will never fade on these models and the cat can't chew them to pieces. But there is a down side, I can't hold my finished models in my hand. It was built using TSM. John

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  2. cgutzmer

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    Interesting! Can you give me a better idea of how you did this? kind of a reverse engineering :)
  3. johnflys2

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    Virtual model

    Sure Chris, I built the tank with a program used to design freight cars, buildings etc. for Train Sim. It's called Train Sim Modeler and is available from Abacus. It is sort of a CAD program. You work with four windows, top, end, and side views. The forth window allows you to rotate the subject at any angle. I scanned the sheet from Roman to use as both background for building the different pieces and also for the textures. I guess, reverse engineering. I hope the screen shows well enough. Please feel free to ask further. John

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  4. RyanShort1

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    If you can reverse engineer that well you should be able to design!

  5. johnflys2

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    Thanks Ryan. I was afraid someone would say that............ People do what gives them the greatest pleasure and building gives me pleasure. I think designing would drive me nuts, building the tank in TSM got me close. sign1

  6. aaronlam

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    nice tank. May I ask if the virtual model from this train Sim can be converted to paper model or not? Otherwise it can only exist in virtual world and have no chance to convert back to real... :p
  7. johnflys2

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    forever virtual

    Aaronlam, I don't know of a way to convert it back to a paper model. As I may have mentioned before it was built using the kit as reference. So I guess if you want a paper model you skip the building of a virtual model and get to cutting paper. I hope this answers your question. My reason for doing this was to solve my storage problem. John
  8. Art Decko

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    Great idea! No edges to color! :cool:
  9. johnflys2

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    no edge color

    Yes, that is a another benifit and I don't have to hold parts after gluing till they dry.
  10. Robot Exodus

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    Another benefit is that you improve your 3D modeling skills. You should try the really advanced programs like 3DS Max or Maya to add more detail to the model and make it looks like the real thing; that would be pretty awesome.
  11. johnflys2

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    Robert, thanks for the suggestion. And I do need to improve my 3D modeling skills, no doubt about it. I tried 3D Max and couldn't get to first base with that program. You have to remember that the Tetrarch was made from a 1/72kit and used the textures that were included. I am sure that using a larger scale kit for reference would make a better model as I am now doing. I do think that in the right hands TSM could make a very impressive model. My hands are not that skilled yet. Again, thanks for the input. John

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