kadee's what and how and will it help?

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    Hi agin got everything done as far as laying track and road bed but still having a problem with the first car jumping the track followed all the tips I got from yall last time and it is better then it was but my question is would installing Kadee couplers help with this problem and how do I know what Number Kadee to use I was looking at the site and got more confused then ever:confused: I am in Ho scale and saw that you can get trucks and coupler sets but I dont understand what ones are what?

    Thanks agin for all the help from one of the newbies to all the gaugers :thumb:
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    Kadee help


    :wave: About six months ago I was asking myself the same question while looking at the multi-brand / ages of my Locos and rolling stock. I went onto Kadee's site and browsed through their bazillion conversion drawings. I found data for all my kits from my very first Tyco/Mantua couplers-on-truck cars to my newest WP&YR 2-8-2 even ones for my 50s & 60s wood and cast metal cars.
    In short make a list of manufactures for your stock then go through the list on Kadee's site. It is simple to use and the conversion instructions are easy to follow. Hey even I can do them. The one thing I found was that when installins the couplers / trucks is to be sure and use the Couplers Height Gauge and pay attention to the tang that hangs from bottom of the coupler for clearance going over connections, switches and accessories. In short all it takes is practice and patience.:thumb:
  3. I have put kadees on tycos. Some I have converted the talga wheel sets others I have just cut the coupler off the wheel set and body mounted them. One solution which helps to keep me rolling is to mount a kadee on one side of one train and keep the other end stock to pull the rest of those old coulpled cars. Then just change over at your leisure!
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    Ok thanks now for the next question how do you body mount I tried a styreen conversion that somone told me to try but that was to far outa my leage I think ?? I am somone that learns from seeing so any pictures you can send of the process and or finished resault would be great. thanks in advance
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    Who Dat,
    We replaced all of our HO scale couplers with Kadee #5's. These seem to be prototypical and the standard coupler replacement. You can buy them in bags of 10 or 20 pair. We have not had any problems with these -- replaced them on all rolling stock and engines.
  6. http://www.the-gauge.com/showthread.php?t=13614 Just follow this thread and I show a pic of how I body attached a #9 coupler and Box. I used glue and a screw I suppose glue would work just as well. I have found old credit cards make a good stock for adjusting height and making mounting pads for the coupler boxes. That seems to be a far better use for them them putting me in debt. Hope this helps you.

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