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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by kd6dxa, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. kd6dxa

    kd6dxa New Member

    Does anyone have any experience with the Kadee #148 couplers? I was considering using them from now on instead of the #5 if they work as (or nearly as) well as the #5.
  2. KCS

    KCS Member

    #148's? must be new. Now if you own any passenger equipment I highly recommend the #118's left unmodifiyed. You'll never have another ucoupling problem again with those bad boy's. I haven't yet. They work great just not to scale as to typical #5's.
  3. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Are these the ones with the integral spring? I heard there was a problem with the first shipment -- the shank is thinner than the old ones and they provided the #5 boxes with them. New boxes are available and supplied with the later runs.
  4. Dick Elmore

    Dick Elmore Member

    148's are the same as #5's only they're scale and therefore more prototypical.

    Texas Chief :thumb:
  5. Dick Elmore

    Dick Elmore Member

    148's are the ones with the cat whisker centering spring. I stand corrected. Sorry!

    Texas Chief :thumb:
  6. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    I will be making a order for the 148s but,kinda waiting to see if KD will do a 20 pack..:D
    I like the idea of eliminating the brass centering spring.

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