Just to give you guys an idea of what im building..

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Jimi, Nov 18, 2004.

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    It has been over a month since i laid out the first few lines in autocad and i have to admit. Im tad slow! Im also forced to repeat my model for the third time because the first was just a disaster. the second one was ruined and messed up by that pesky windshield (even clear epoxy wont hold photocopier acetate well). The third, im doing more carefully and slowly. Oh yeah, strange as it sounds, the method that i finally used for the windshield is I punched holes into the acetate then i manually STITCHED the windows onto 220 gsm cardpaper. it may sound very weird but it works really well! and it's very clean! I cant post pics for the moment because i dont have a digicam.. When im finally done, i'd take some shots using dad's Pentax (including the window thingy) and have the shots scanned. with that . Oh yeah, here's a pic of my design which i scanned last october. (which i named "Terra Firma"). It will sport Red Cross colours. it's an air ambulance/ bushplane. Sigh.. two weeks more to go i hope.

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    Hi Jim

    Keep us posted on how it all works out, always intresting to see a design come together.
    As for the windsheild if it works don't knock it, there are more weird and wounderful ideas on the site than any other place on the planet and they work :lol:

    Keep at it


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