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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by paperpanzer, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    I've just had a few photo's from one of my beta testers (Turenkarn) and I thought I would share them with the group




    The model is now for sale a

    Turenkarn tells me that all the rust and dirt details have been added using just felt tip pens
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Great looking model! That bit of weathering does add a lot to the model - spiffy diorama too.
  3. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Turenkarn has said that he will pass on a couple of the backdrops so that I can make them available for download from my site.
  4. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    I’ve just had a couple more photo's sent to me from a modeller and I thought I would share them with you all.

    The photo's have come from CK Lim and are of a re-colour Pz II that I have on my site to download.

    It looks like quite a nice collection of WWII card models.

    I’ve also uploaded a photo of a MK1 Male prototype that I hope to have completed for the 100th anniversary which is only 7 years away... so I may get it completed in time.


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  5. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    I’ve had another couple of photo's sent to me from a modeller that I thought I would share with the group. I've also attached a photo of a simple Japanese HO-HA halftrack that I've designed.

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  6. Sippy

    Sippy New Member

    These look good enough for my train set dirama.
  7. Runkle

    Runkle New Member

    Great build! The weathering as cgutzmer stated adds that finishing touch.
  8. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Its always a great to see models I designed built better than I can build them.

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