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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Pistonhead, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. Pistonhead

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    Wow! I have just reciently discovered that : O scale is not only 0:27 but 0:48 also , Oscale comes in 2 rail ! and Yes when it came to O scale I have been living under a rock ,lol,I could never get apast the 0:27 lionel look an 3 rails that I was use to as a kid, but at a recient model train show I discovered 2 rail O ,Im now hooked ,I have already sold off 3/4 of my ho an aint lookin back , I just love the realistic way 0:48 2rail looks
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    Hi Pistonhead, welcome aboard, one of the things we O scalers have been doing for the past few years is trying to promote O scale, especially the 2 rail aspect, I'm also a 2 railer, my entire diesel roster is EMD, I like to do mostly modern, that is up to about 1980, I like the earlier era's, but I also like the stuff I grew up with, so I like the more modern stuff up to about the early 80's.......................;) ;)
  3. 60103

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    Hi Pistonhead:
    You didn't indicate which part of Canada, but if you're in Southern Ontario anytime, there are two layouts that an O gauger should see.
    Toronto model railroad club written up in July 2002 Model Railroader.
    Aberfoyle Junction in Aberfoyle (Hwy 401 and 6) is a beautiful effort by about 6 guys (and wives).
    Both of these layouts have open houses twice a year (i think) and the Toronto club has regular meetings.
    Worth seeing even if you aren't in O.

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