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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by xyzon, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Finally I have started building. This last weekend my brother and I built a table. I didn't realize how tall it would be, but it is still nice. It is 4 x 8 layout. Now I just need to work on putting together a setup. I am thinking of making mountains for the backdrop, 8 feet of it. I have an idea of making a tunnel thru the mountains and possibly having the trains ride on the mountains, maybe even a suspension bridge (but that is pretty just a dream right now for this newb). Ultimately I do want some elevation with multiple trains. Here is a picture of the table I built. I will post more when I actually have something built. One question I have is: since I am planning to have elevation and trains going thru mountains and on top... which track is going to be the easiest to work with? The set I purchased has bachman eztrack.

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    On a 4 x 8 you will have difficulty gaining much elevation without having impossibly steep grades. If you look at Harold's layout, the scenery gives the appearance of elevation changes, but the track is pretty much level. To get elevation changes on a 4' x 8' that would allow one train to run above another almost requires a figure 8. The problem is that a figure 8 on a 4 x8 table doesn't allow for much else in terms of either switching options or scenery. By the way notice how Harold put his back drop in the middle of his table. This works if you can walk all the way around the table,and it allows you to model two separate scenes in a small space giving the layout the appearance of being bigger than it really is.
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    Here is the my 4x8 from the other end.

    The near right corner is dark because the light fixture had to be turned to take the picture. My next step on the right side are more bushes and the oil transfer facility at the near sidings.

    Having built 4x8's with crossover tracks, the problems with operation far outway the scenic impact. The grades have to be too steep and as Russ said they eat up too much valuable real estate.

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    If you use something like Harold's design, if you end your backdrop 12 inches or so in from each end, you could hide the backdrop ends with mountains or other tall scenery elements.
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    When I was "designing" the layout I mocked up both situations: full length backdrop or short of the ends. The full length and two scenes different in context, one country and one urban worked better in the 4x8 form. The setback from the ends becomes difficult to scenic.

    The end with the stream will be the end of a penninsula of my future larger railroad. The backdrop will continue around the layout.

    Just a thought

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