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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by msh, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. msh

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    I definitely consider my back patted. Thank you, all of you, so very much for the surprising response. What a swell bunch!

    Of course the "free" time I've had allowed me to attend to the rebuild of BonkyRail Lines, a.k.a. BRL, and I've attached a little pick of the first run around the inner loop. Outer not done yet.

    Somehow I've got to figure an easy way to make a grade for the outer, western loop without spending any money. Once that's done I'll get to soldering those flex lengths and finish this puppy.

    Got a deal on cork roadbed - 50 cents a length for Model power cork. Traded in some LEDs for it. It's not the good stuff and it's not consistent, but it'll do in this pinch. The trains run real well now and I'm pleased with my flex soldering - what a difference!

    Adiós Amigos!

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  2. swissjohn

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    Good luck MSH.
    It's obvious from your website that you are far too talented to remain unemployed for long :)
    Take care,
  3. MrBones

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    MSH, I am relatively new here at the Gauge, but my prayers are with you. Good luck in your job search. A lot of times things can look bleak when loosing a job, but mostly things like this work out for the better. Keep your chin up.

    Great looking website/layout by the way.

  4. Matt Probst

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    I'll add my best wishes also MSH ! We're pullin' for ya in Chocolate town USA:)

    Matt--Hershey, Pa.
  5. grumbeast

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    I got laid off a just before Christmas, so I know where you're
    coming from.. just wanted to send you some encouragement,
    I know we'll both get work soon! :) .. my Nova Scotia Northern
    has certainly benefited from the time!. You know your unemployed when you hand carve 400 scale feet of seawall!!!!

    Best wishes and good luck!


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