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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by cedarcreekrr, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. cedarcreekrr

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    This my first thread and I would like to know what you think should be included in the space I have. I am going to use HO scale. I would like to know where you think a good place for the steam era service terminal should be. I have started building a 15 stall roundhouse, the rest is to be determine once I do more research on what was in the city I live. Garrett used to be and still is a division point for the B&O (CSX). I hope the layout shows up.

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  2. Russ Bellinis

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    If I am reading your drawing correctly, you will need to put some sort of access hatch in the upper left corner where the bench work appears to be over 6 feet wide. There is no way you are going to be able to reach back into that corner without an access hatch.
  3. railohio

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    What, if any, books do you have on the west end of the B&O? Seems to be the most ignored part of the system and it's still a glaring a hole in my library. Any suggestions?
  4. BigJim

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    I have received some very good advice from others. The number one item seems to be use the largest radius possible - everywhere! If you are having a loop in the 4' wide section (middle of the bottom) even with a 3" space from the center of the track to the edge you only get 21" radius. Most have not recommended less than 3" where possible. Can this be a little wider?

  5. cedarcreekrr

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    thanks for the advice

    I will take all the advice into consideration when I start my benchwork in January, got to get the basement done first. Brian I have a few copies of pictures of the garrett division layout from a county history book and I can take pictures of a schematic of the yard hanging on the wall in the local historical society. I have a copy of the original ad to attract workers in 1875 it shows the proposed layout of the yard and town. The real yard was different when it was built. I would be glad to mail you copies when I am done looking at the library for more info than I have. It is a shame that the roundhouse and depot have torn down in the last 30 years.
  6. railohio

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    I'd be much obliged if you could provide some research material. I'll see if I have any surplus in my collection I could reciprocate with. I've just had the worst time researching the B&O (to Chicago) west of Akron. The book I held out the most hope for providing decent coverage, Baltimore & Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago from Old Line Graphics, has two photos of Garret and a few from the surrounding countryside. There are about as many pages dedicated to the Willard to Chicago segment as there are to the city of Akron. (There are some phenomenal shots of the lines to Cleveland, however, so it's still a decent book to have in one's collection.) Most of the Morning Sun titles are hit-and-miss on the west end, erring on the "miss" side more often than not. I have been able to start piecing together a collection of railroad files -- employee and public timetables, track charts, and other assorted goodies -- and maybe someday I'll be the one to "write the book" on this railroad.
  7. sumpter250

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    If the city of Garret has a historical society, you might try there (if you haven't already), to find photos of the era. B&O historical (society,group,etc.) would be another source. I am assuming that you have exhausted the lists at Amazon.com, and anything that may exist in a local library.
    Hey!, I'm still hoping to find full color film/video of the Sumpter Valley railway :D :D
  8. cedarcreekrr

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    I took the advice given and redesigned the layout. Anymore suggestions are welcome.

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  9. Triplex

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    A peninsula 4'6" wide will allow 24" or 25" radius, and that's on the outer track if there's more than one. If you're modelling steam-era, I would try to get a little larger radius.
  10. cedarcreekrr

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    I will try increasing the radius, so I quess it is back to the drawing board (computer) thank you for the input.
  11. cedarcreekrr

    cedarcreekrr Member

    new revision

    Took the advice given and increased radius to on layout.

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