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    Every so often I take a peek at this forum 'cause I have an old mill on my empire. It's an old "turn down" mill that I worked in off and on for nearly twenty years.Very crude piece of gear,run by a Detriot deisel it could be heard for miles,and the noise inside ,with what seemed like miles of belts,gears with wooden teeth{?} and three saws,well it was quite a din.
    There was no edger till after the original burned down and was rebuilt in the mid eighties,at that time they also installed a slasher to cut slabs,until then they were cut by hand.{untill the mid eighties the sale of slabwood paid the wages of the mill crew}
    If anyone cares I could try and post a photo of my model,but I must warn that my photo skills are wanting
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    We would love to see 'em! :thumb: It'll give you a chance to practice on us, as well:D
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    Yes please show us the pic!
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    Mill/yardin' horse

    This is the firsr thing I tried to scratch build,about four years ago and have yet to finish it. I can't decide if I'm going to finish it or start over. The yardin' horse was something I did to add to a farm scene.
    I promise to try and improve.

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