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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by jyduchene, Jul 28, 2006.

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    I have read with some dismay the recent postings regarding the build of the Cutty Sark, and the Aston Martin DB9. Both posts turned critical very rapidly. Brad presented a beautiful model and the discussion went from nice job to why didn't you do more and very rapidly.

    In the case of DB 9 (a beautiful, detailed and free offering) The discussion went from announcement to comparision diminishing it's significance. This happened in one post. So...

    Brad congrats on a beautiful ship, one I would be proud to have on my mantel.

    Milos thank you for giving us a great model. Beautifuly executed and professionally presented and for free. I can't express enough my gratitude.

    Lets remember that there is a difference between constructive critisim and personality disorder.

    Brad and Milo thank you both for giving us something wonderful in the face of negativity.

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    Thanks for the encouragement. I explained in that thread why I hesitated to post pictures of my builds. In my case, I find it difficult to respond to posts because I do not know the experience, personality, or intent of the writer. For example, if an inexperienced person new to the hobby posted pictures of a poorly constructed model, many would say "Hey, good first try. Keep going and don't give up!" But if that person was experienced, he/she might be taken aback.

    Personally, and this might be snobbish, I will ask for advice when I want it. I recently asked for help with hinging my Mi-17 cargo doors and received an excellent response. If I display a model of a car without wheels, I know there are no wheels and do not need someone to say that it would look better with wheels. If someone posts a picture of a model with horrible edge coloring and the author says nothing about it, I will say nothing, also. I assume they know about it and do not need me to point it out. If they say that they don't know how to get good edge coloring, there is an opportunity to provide advice.

    I hope I am not alienating myself or anyone else (this is my first active week on the forum), but I like to treat others like I want to be treated. I know everyone here means well. Someone gave me excellent advice on how to divide complex models in bite-size chunks, but as a relatively experienced paper modeller (five tears), I already know that.

    Sorry, folks, but I am talking more about philosophy than modelling, and it has really taken a toll on my building. I need to get back to my newest project, Modelik's Mercedes Benz L 3000.


    Edit: I don't think the Cutty Sark thread was too negative. Some were disappointed that it did not include more rigging. That's cool. They can add as much as like to their Cutty Sark. I like mine the way it is right now. I might add more late. As for the Aston Martin DB9, I feel indebted to Milo for providing it, especially free. I will never criticize a free offering, whether it's a box or a detailed car.
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    Deceased Equine
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    I do not understand what this is about since I cant find the posts downing 2 good projects.
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  6. I'll keep it short:
    I design papermodels, and all are free for everyone. Sure, I got my share of criticisms and 'unsportive' feedback, but remember this: as long as you, the designer, have fun designing, and as long as there are a lot of folks who are really thankful and appreciative, just let the negativists talk. Just ignore them. Have fun with your own thing. That is what matters.

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    I will be honest... from outward appearences I will judge the Jag to be a quality contender against other models based on shown developement and finished builds. The Batmobile and Ecto1 models rank alongside... the Epson models I havent built or have seen non-professional pics taken of finished builds to judges them and the F1 and rallye cars in large scale again havent any comparison pics to judge.

    I myself am working on a series of paper models based on the W platform and I wish to ATTAIN the level of detail and beyond that the Jag has aquired (engine bay and undercarriage details as well).

    The bar has been raised by the free modelers of the world and I hope people take up the challenge.
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    what is a W platform? And I think the majority agree no one relly put it or anyone down, just put it in perspective - we all agree its an awesome model :)
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    Just my 2 cents.

    My hat goes off to anyone that can design these great models we keep seeing appearing. I have tried, failed and eventually given up on this aspect of the hobby.

    All the models I have seen, no matter what level of the builder/designer are fantastic.

    Each persons interpretation is different but we must remember, the builder/designer feels they have achieved the most wonderful thing ever and wish to share it. We all feel it at sometime so who are we all to judge when someone's ellation overspills onto a forum?

    I myself felt extremely overwhelmed that I had completed such a simple model as a Drone from Silent Running. A not too taxing model, but it was my first and I felt very proud. So I posted my pics and was fortunate enough to have nice constructive critisim.

    I have learnt alot in this forum and I do not wish to upset anyone at all.

    Now I am rambling so I will close.

    Thank you for reading
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    Slowly it's been withered away to the MonteCarlo, Impala, GrandPrix and Century.

    Oldsmobile is dead thanks to the media's big mouth blabbering when Saturn was the possible candidate for the chopping block.

    Olds was the worlds oldest automotive manfacturer.

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